Baril is a new project from Marc Holstege, who we’ve previously featured on DHA a few times. This new project looks very promising with its first release coming on the label Intercept, ran by another dutch talent, Coloray.

Baril is driven by the idea that a certain emotion can be translated into a sound which subsequently can trigger different emotions with those that open up to it. Only one chance to be given to truly express what is locked up inside you, to unlock your creative unconscious and take the stand. Why leave all that emotion to yourself, when this is a way of sharing your feelings?

His release ‘Vocales‘ will be out this Friday, August 30th. It’s a beauty, we must say. Check it out and pre-order it here.

Coloray, who you probably know from his collaboration with Eagles & Butterflies on ‘Can’t Stop’ is running the Intercept label and said the following about Baril‘s first single on Intercept: ”With it’s broken beats and shimmering synths the track makes you inflect inwards, giving you a hopeful and rejuvenated feeling. Tracks like these that have always had an intense effect on me, both on the dancefloor and beyond.”

We’re happy to welcome Marc as Baril on our mix series to expose you to this multi-talent.