Founded by Claudio Ricci and Christian and Monika Zorn, Stripped Down Records is a brand new label that will focus on raw grooves.

The first release comes from Ricci and features essential remixes from Timo Maas & Basti Grub, Kintar and Metodi Hristov, with Ricci’s nearly 20 years experience providing timeless single here is a great way to kick off the new label. Entitled “Warschauer Strasse”, it is seven excellently expansive minutes of twisted synths that bring real tension to deep house drums.

With the release available at the end of the month, Claudio Ricci was asked to give 10 of his favorite examples of Chilean music. In his own words, he states on the playlist presented:

“When I got asked to do a Chilean playlist for DHL I was happy to get a chance to give you an insight on how I grew up and which pieces of Chilean music helped form me on my musical path. Don’t expect only electronic music tracks. Chile has a lot to offer in terms of folklore with profound meaning due to dictatorship from 1973-1990 which is called “ La Nueva Canción Chilena”. My parents had to leave Chile in 1975 due to the dictatorship of Pinochet, which led my father to play in a revolutionary folklore band. As a child I joined him at his shows, so latin folklore music especially with a revolutionary background formed my musical and political roots. Here are a some of my favourite Chilean tracks:”

Violeta Parra – Gracias A La Vida

Violeta Parra created the basis for “La Nueva Canción Chilena”, Chile’s New Vocal Movement, which renewed Chilean folklore music. This movement spread in Chile in the sixties and seventies. It’s the track with the most beautiful lyrics I’ve ever heard and a thanksgiving to life. A lot of well known artists reinterpreted that song. I’m also in love with the version of “La Negra” Mercedes Sosa.

Victor Jara – Plegaria A Un Labrador

One of my favourite tracks of Víctor Jara who is one of the great representatives of the “Nueva Canción” in South America. He was assassinated in September 1973, with at least 44 shots by soldiers of the military dictatorship.

Quilapayun – El Pueblo Unido

Especially this song is next to Venceremos of Inti-Illimani a symbol of the spirit of optimism in Chile in the early 70ies. They gained notoriety when they sang the song in front of a huge crowd in a mass demonstration for the Allende government a few days before the coup on September 11, when it became what it was supposed to be since the coup – a symbol of desperate resistance to the dictatorship.

Inti Illimani – Samba Lando

During the military coup in 1973 Inti-Illimani was on an Italian tour, the members were refused to re-entry. Until 1989, the group was in exile in Italy, during which time it gained a high profile worldwide through many tours and the solidarity movement with Chile.

Illapu – El Negro Jose

I cheated here a little bit 😉 ”Candombe para José” was not written by a chilean songwriter. It was written by the Argentinean Roberto Ternán! It was one of the most popular songs in the detainee camps of dictator Pinochet. At least this version is played by one of the best known chilean folklore bands called Illapu.

Matanza – Canto Al Fuego

Enough of history, folklore and politics. Let’s move on to the present! Matanza understood to combine their chilean roots with electronic music. They have already released 3 Albums and I took a track from their new Album called after themselves. They are regular guests here on Ibiza for Acid Sundays and Woomoon and are part of this so called “ethno” house movement. (I don’t even know and I’m not sure if they would like to get that stamp ;-))

Nicolas Jaar – El Bandido

My favourite Nicolas Jaar tune. This guy definitely needs no introduction…maybe you didn’t know that his father is from Chile and he spent many years of his childhood in Chile before going back to New York!

Luciano – Conspirer

What a masterpiece of the best known chilean techno artist next to Ricardo Villalobos. You have to listen to that track on a proper sound system, close your eyes and enjoy the magic…ahmm…and hopefully not using this lo-fi youtube link 😉

Felipe Venegas & Francisco Allendes – Llovizna

“Llovizna” is a marvel to behold! My favorite release on Cadenza. A long passage of Spanish- language folksong forms the song’s core. This is a timeless classic and I still get goosebumps when I hear that track in a club!

Dinky – Acid InMy Fridge (Tobi Neumann Remix)

Dinky was born in Santiago de Chile and moved 2004 to Berlin where she holds currently a residency at Panorama Bar. “Acid In My Fridge” was released in 2005 on Cocoon. I still remember when I played this record the first time and people went completely nuts!

“Warschauer Strasse” is available 24 May on Stripped Down Records

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