BJORN is back with another release via his Magenta imprint, he presents the Indigo EP including two special mixes, including the ‘Mirror Ball Reflex’ version from Italian artist, Ivory.

We got to know more about the Swedish DJ and Producer who frequents his time between London and Ibiza. He discusses how he pulled together the new label, the production efforts for the new music and who he’d like to welcome to the Magenta label in the future.

BJORN’s ‘Indigo’ EP is available on Beatport

How have you been throughout the first half of 2021, you started the Magenta label, tell us about that? 

Hey guys, Hope you’re well. I have been good, thanks. I have kept myself busy in the studio making fresh music, few of them are out and one is a remix I made for the legendary french Family Piknik and more is coming soon. I have also been working a lot of office hours with the new label as well.

Starting up Magenta was a dream I had for a long time during my wonderful years in Ibiza and last year I spent a special winter in London for city inspiration and there I decided to finally make the imprint a reality. And this year when the pandemic came I turned back to my home country Sweden for a while and it was perfect timing to reconnect and launch it.

We will mainly focus on releasing music with an imaginative and futuristic sound that gives you positive emotions in various electronic music styles.

The first couple releases will be showing various sides of BJORNs original music with highly talented artists and producers I admire a lot for remixes. First out was the Tel Aviv based Kadosh. Now the second release we have the Italian genius Ivory and more amazing artists will be part of the Magenta label family very soon.

You are now set to deliver the second release on the label, it’s titled ‘Indigo’ explain about the concept of this production. 

Indigo EP and the title track is named after the beautiful positive energy colour that is connected to the Magenta imprints color and theme.

The two concepts of this EP is to elevate mind, body, and soul by guiding you through a listening experience in a club night and then to having a version for each moment for the DJs to play.

The beautiful title tune is made for easy listening to building up the vibes in the openairs or for the early hours in the events. And Ivory Indigo interpretation is a peak time dancefloor bomb with the tense and atmospheric feeling with his unique signature sounds and my 5am mix is made for dreaming back to the morning hours in the clubs with a melodic hypnotic trip as a “classy late-night floor filler”.

It was a tough moment for all, inside dance music and also away from it – what did you learn about yourself, the world, and the industry?

Truly so! And it is not over yet. I went into this isolation period with a positive attitude to improve things and become stronger on all levels from creating better music in the studio to improving elements in my mind, body, soul. With activities such as spending more time with the family and connecting deeper with nature and being even more in the present with various mediations and breathing practices, I also learn to eat even healthier with the goal of how we can resist viruses and self-heal naturally in an organic way.

What I most clearly picked up in the world is that faith, hope, love conquers fear really. Feels like the world went into two camps with these sides.

And we all notice our industry is more fragile than we could dream of. The message must be made clearer to those who decide the law with how important dance and community are for us at all ages to grow and be alive as human beings.

Through the pandemic, there were pockets of artists and crowds that participated in ‘illegal’ parties, what is your view on them doing this during it?

This is a sensitive topic that I understand both sides of. We all wanted to hangout and feel free to dance as soon as possible. But I personally declined to play in a few of these various ‘illegal’ events. It has felt completely wrong for me to travel and participate during the pandemic.

I also think it dragged on longer, above all, it showed no respect for risk groups and the elder. I think it is a given that you should take care of them extra to keep them alive and safe.

But I feel now after the massive vaccination campaigns that have been going on for a few months and finally the restrictions have slowly opened up more. And witness several cities in Europe had up to 60 000 at many of the Euro football matches with no distance. Then it should be the same rules for clubs and entertainment to open up. So what are they waiting for!!!


Who are you looking to work with in the future, perhaps to release on your label or in a collaborative effort and why?

This is a very interesting question that me and the label honestly have not had time to reflect on more names yet. We are already for the first releases and for the coming releases working with such amazing top artists in our scene that match the Magenta vibe.

I also in the future look forward to inviting gifted artist friends and discovering new talents that can amaze me and be part of this journey.

Your last release, the ‘Majestic’ EP topped many indie and melodic charts – how did that make you feel? 

Was such a great feeling for me, Kadosh, our both mgmts and Magena label to experience it. We are overwhelmed by the positive support / feedback from many high-profile DJs and radio stations around the globe as well as the various charts you mention. And It is a pleasure to speak with you.

We already for my second upcoming “Indigo EP w/ Ivory remix on Magenta” having again a massive early DJ support and kind words from many big names with just mentions a few from the first letter in alfapet: Adana Twins, Adriatique, Aera, Alex Niggemann, Âme, Audiofly. So I couldn’t be happier.

Are there any future projects you can let us know about?

They are interesting releases and projects in the pipeline for both BJORN and Magenta. One thing I can proudly reveal to you Is that the third Magenta release is something truly special with the greek genius Echonomist on board with his masterpiece remix made for the clubs for one of BJORN’s upcoming EPs. So stay tuned for our future releases.

Lastly, do you think dance music will be much different when it finally gets back to normal – will parties be more local and small scale or anything like that, what is your view?

I think you’re right. During this year, it looks to continue that way. But we hope that 2022 will become more common with all kinds of party and dance activities to be fully open again and that it stays that way. Thank you DHA for having me!


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