Deep House London with Bobby Nourmand 


How has the last year been – what were the best and worst bits?


Contrary to what most people’s experiences, this year has been one of the best experiences in my lifetime. The greatest part thus far has been the birth of our daughter. Truly, it has enhanced every facet of my journey. The obstacles of the pandemic allotted ample time to go deeper within. The most trying part of this past year has been the lack of connection with my family, friends and peers. However, the future is looking bright as the end of this all is near. 


Has music become more or less important for you? Did that shift at all?


Music has always been an essential element of my existence. Connection through creation is my calling. Due to the amounts of time spent in isolation, this desire has magnified. A sense of community is key to our happiness and peace of mind. 


where do you start on a new tune, do you always have something in your head?


My musical process is initiated by inspiration. Staying present enough to listen to the melodies or rhythmic messages delivered to my subconscious guides me through the creative process. Whichever form this manifests is the birth of a new sound. Momentum builds organically while simultaneously adding elements and into a statement or emotion. If for any reason there is a block, either drums are added or a break is taken and on to the next. The journey is always new, which keeps things fresh.


Can you tell us a bit about your early electronic music heroes – who inspired you way back when? 


Depeche Mode would be first in ranking. Just thinking about them in this present moment gave me a sense of freefall. Seeing them live in Madison Square Garden was hands down the best concert I have ever witnessed. The synchronicity between David, Martin & Vince, is truly magical. Their message is communicated with such perfection and the quality of sound is undeniable. People are people but some beings are otherworldly. 

What’s the most important aspect of your music, what do you want the key message, style, takeaway to be for people who hear it?


Reciprocity. The message is that we are not alone. The intention is to connect and heal others in spite of whatever it is that they might be experiencing. Each track is to be a unique expression and message of emotion. We are in this together and there is light at the end of the tunnel. Never give up. 


What gear do you use, and does that matter? Do you have favourite pieces that define your sound?


The studio is filled with analogue gear. Each synthesizer defines a unique expression. The mood and nature of the inspiration, calls upon a specific tool, to channel the message with integrity. Designing a sound to define it is the goal in the offering. Experience is the key to bringing it all to life.


What’s your thought on producers who use ghost producers to make their music? 


This is their choice. Judgement would be missing the mark. The whole point of creating is to freedom of expression. Nobody else can tell my story. 


When it comes back, will the scene be different? Will people book more local DJs for example, rather than international’s?


The burning desire to celebrate life is what I’m most anticipating. Our community is yearning for connection. These cravings will be accounted for by magical experiences and memories yet to come. Music is and will remain global. 


Outside of music, what do you like to do with free time? Is it important for you that you balance your music with other hobbies? 


All experiences feed the soul with inspiration and creativity. Spending time with family, nature, meditation and eating quality meals. There is no shortage of beautiful scenery and exquisite dining experiences here in LA. 5am ‘dawn patrol’ surf sessions promise more successful time spent in the studio. 


what’s next, what are you doing after this interview?


It’s 8pm. Thai Food is on it’s way. I can never get enough of it. 


And what music projects are you working on?


There are a ton of upcoming projects on the horizon. We will be following LIFE ON MARS with THE REMIX EP including reinterpretations of ‘SANTO’ done by a berlin based artist signed to Watergate / Tau / Correspondant & ‘FADE’ by an italian artist who frequents Jeniffer Cardini’s Correspondant imprint. This will be out June 18th, just in time for summer, on DITN Records.
Finally, who do you feel are the three most important producers in contemporary house music and why? 


This is the most difficult question of them all to answer with certainty. Daft Punk is the most influential. Then for me, Solomun, Dixon, Eric Prydz, Sasha and Carl Cox. Can’t keep it to 3! 


Solomun has had the largest impact on the evolution of our sound globally, in the last decade. Pete Tong’s ability to break undiscovered artists via BBC Radio 1’s most coveted Essential mix, he has the Midas touch. Dixon has consistently pushed the boundaries of sound in his sets and artistry through his Innervisions imprint.


Keep up with Bobby Nourmand on Facebook, Instagram, Spotify and Soundcloud. Bobby Nourmand’s LIFE ON MARS is out now. Buy/listen to the release on Beatport here.