Introducing CONCEPT, an innovative approach to central London’s nightlife. A central hub and digital playground for creative output, located opposite one of London’s most iconic fashion department stores just off Oxford Street.. A futuristic space designed to showcase immersive shows merging digital worlds with reality. Set to become a spiral of activity where creatives from around the globe collaborate and see works come to life.

The design of the space is a reconfiguration of a conventional nightclub layout, placing technology centre stage. Tinted bronze mirrors envelop the room representing expansion and allowing the audience to be immersed in a digital experience. Boasting cutting edge sound, interactive digital screens and fully articulated lighting it’s an atmospheric escape with endless possibilities.

The whole room is controlled by a lighting desk and boasts a central cylinder LED screen 9ft pillar and ceiling with 12 hanging digital cylinder chandeliers, 12 moving head lights, 30 scanners, 50 mood light spots, and LED in glass balustrades, LED in seating and 72 single beam lasers.

The room is a perfect place for tech collaboration content creators with C4D, Unreal engine and Notch and the Creative Team specialises in art direction, creative, show producing, music curating, video production and photography.


The word ‘Concept’ originates from the Latin ‘Conceptum’ meaning something conceived. Nature conceives itself, through repeating patterns which duplicate. This mathematical rule forms the basis for the ideology of the culture of Concept.