Sonus is a community minded gathering of true music lovers in Croatia.

It is now about to celebrate its 10th anniversary and once again the focus will be on the sound system, the production and the music.

It all plays out at three of the best open air clubs in Europe – Papaya, Aquarius and Kalyspo from 20 – 24th August 2023.

This year the line up features the likes of Claptone, Chris Stussy, Joseph Capriati, KAS:ST, Michael Bibi, Reinier Zonneveld live, Ricardo Villalobos, Richie Hawtin, Diplo, Paula Temple, Sven Väth, Seth Troxler and tens more.

Here are some of the best sets from over the years.

Joseph Capriati

Joseph Capriati at Sonus back in 2017 was a time before the Italian was the superstar he is now. His skills though, were already there for all to hear as he masterfully built a vibe, locked in the daytime dancers and kept them on edge with his silky selections and fine DJ dexterity.

Sam Paganini

Day times are always full of fun at Sonus and so it was when Sam Paganini played back in 2016. His full set can be relieved here, and you will see how he took the crowd on a real journey though deeper grooves and on to more tense techno. The crowd lapped it up in the open air.


Reliving this two hour set from Blond:ish sends shivers down the spine. The crowd was packed in and taken on a real trip through colourful electronic sounds as the explosive production added an extra element of excitement.

Luigi Madonna

Italian techno man Luigi Madonna kept it deep as he soundtracked the late night session at Sonus. His moody grovers and masterful mixing kept the crowd locked in.


Cadenza boss and Swiss Chilean master Luciano knows a thing or two about cooking up steamy dance floor seasons. He draws on his unique Latin talk on minimal and that was the case here at Sonus Festival 2019.

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