Fort Nightly’ is the long awaited debut album from Iz & Diz, forthcoming on Joshua Iz’s Vizual Records imprint.

Recorded over a fortnight in January, 2017 in Chicago, the title ‘Fort Nightly’ is a rhetorical base from which Iz & Diz are defending nightlife from nefarious attackers looking to diminish it’s cultural importance and denigrate the craft of music-making and djing. Moreover, each track was started and completed in a single day making up a fortnight. This was done by design to keep each track fresh and capture the vibe of that particular moment in time. While recording in this way was inherently a challenge, the resulting collection showcases the range of Iz & Diz and their musical influences without being too stylised and overproduced: from mid tempo Balearics to moody deepness, to more experimental genre-bending explorations.

Check out the package’s title track below!

“Fort Nightly” is available 14 November on Vizual Records PRE ORDER

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