Following multiple complaints of harassement from female patrons in the cities of Thisted, Sonderborg and Haderslev, many Danish Nightclubs have began implemented “language controls”, only permitting speakers of English, German, or Danish entrance to venues.

Though the issue of harassment in nightlife is well known (and one that still must be addressed constructively), this particular action targets foreign men, specifically those from the Middle East and North Africa.

“Many of the refugees and asylum seekers who go out at the weekend do not know the rules. When they see a girl, they go crazy, trying to grope her or grab her clothes,” Haderslev night club owner Rafi Ibrahim (himself an immigrant from Syria) told the Copenhagen Post.

Needless to say, the controls have encountered heavy criticism, with a local Amnesty International branch claiming the practices to be discriminatory. “You can’t make a general rule that states that you can’t come in if you come from a certain country that has created problems before,” a consultant for the organization said.

Some of the controls had already been implemented in the autumn, with disturbances of the nature being reported throughout North Europe including cities like Berlin, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and, of course, have gained much steam with the recent New Year’s Eve events in Cologne. Denmark has already been quite strict on incoming migrants, introducing a new bill (which will be voted on this Thursday) aimed at stripping refugees of valuables, to “cover the costs the country bears in connection with housing them”. The bill would allow authorities to claim individual items whose combined value exceeds 10,000 kroner (€1,340, $1,450).

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees has described the overall Danish response to the migrant crisis as “deeply concerning”

Source: RT