Raising money for Yorkshire-based animal sanctuary C-A-L-F, Danny Howells is auctioning off a chance to have him play at your house party.

It’s for an animal sanctuary I really support and they’re being made homeless so I’m auctioning myself off to DJ at someone’s house…If it goes well then I might even do a couple and make a weekend of it or something,” the Dig Deeper boss said of the event.

The auction is not just a labor of love for Howells’ but is rather a vital fundraiser for the C-A-L-F organization, as they have been informed their tenancy will not be renewed upon the end of their lease. This means many of the rescue animals, particularly those dependent on the space and the environment they have become accustomed to, will lose their refuge and, quite possibly, their lives.

Bid on Howells’ to appear at your house party here