The half-Irish, German-born prodigy David Jackson broke onto the scene in 2020 with ‘Broken Heart’ on Frank Music records which remained in continuous rotation on Annie Mac’s Friday Night show on BBC Radio 1 for over six weeks, as well as picking up heavy support from the likes of Pete Tong, Gerd JansonDenis Sulta and DJ Seinfeld, to name a few. His talent in the studio has also landed him two remixes of legendary group Pet Shop Boys. Following on from this incredible start to his career, his 2021 EP ‘Airport Disco’ immediately scored BBC Radio 1’s famous ‘Hottest Record in the World’.

We caught up with David to ahead of his new release ‘Guiness Italo’ which is out now on Frank Music.

Welcome to Deep House London! How’s things? Where are you in the world at the moment?

Thanks so much for having me! Things are only getting better! I just came back to my lovely little home town of Heidelberg in the south of Germany and am happy to see my friends again.

Can you tell us a bit about your journey in dance music to get where you are today?

I had the privilege of growing up in a very musical family where my father played anything from The Prodigy, Sasha & Digweed to LTJ Bukem, etc. for me since I was a toddler, and my mothers side of family got me into classical music very early. I started producing and DJing for fun and was lucky enough to meet a super cool local club collective called ‘blank’ through a mutual friend when I was around 14. They snuck me into clubs and let me play my first gigs hehe. Things just progressed from there.

What have been some of the key moments that have been influential in your career?

I think my first EP on Frank Music, “Broken Heart“, was a big moment for me. Having DJs like Gerd Janson, Krystal Klear, Denis Sulta, Annie Mac, etc. play it out was unreal for me. I also had the chance to remix The Pet Shop Boys and Jessie Ware recently which I still can’t believe.

Congrats on the new EP, all 4 tracks are sounding massive! When and where did you write it?

Thank you very much! I wrote the main track the day after a big night out where I had quite a few pints, I think I was still a little tipsy while making the track. The music + the alcohol in my blood felt like Panorama Bar in my little bedroom studio!

You return to Johannes Albert’s quality Frank Music label for the EP, how did you first link with Johannes?

I used to play Johannes’ music all the time! He played in my hometown before and was friends with the promoters so I was lucky enough to have a friends of friends connection. We reached out via email one day and sent my ‘Broken Heart‘ EP, the rest is history.

When creating music do you have certain labels in mind or is that not something you think about?

I used to approach things that way, thinking what labels it would be cool to release on and then make something in that direction. This was a big learning experience for me because I feel like I didn’t really have fun making the music, I was just trying to replicate something for the sake of a kind of ‚career‘ move. Opening an ableton file without any such thoughts really gives me the freedom to express myself best and do whatever I feel like. I think one can hear the difference in the outcomes.

What is your creative process like? Do you have concrete ideas before you start producing?

It really depends. Sometimes I do start a project where I have a clear vision of what I want to make, but mostly I just sit down and let my feelings take control. Most of the time I start with an idea and totally spin it somewhere along the way.

Have you been able to road test the new EP yet? What have the crowd reactions been like?

I’ve had a couple of chances to play out the record while nobody knew what the track was. The reactions were always really amazing with people asking for the ID which was a big reason for me to release it!

What are some of your favourite labels and artists right now?

Uhh there’s soooo many… Love everything Polari, Senor Chugger, Frank Music, Demi Riquismo, AP, Anz have been up to!

What are the key elements for the perfect party in your eyes?

It’s all about that special collective connection, I can’t put it into words. Only love among the people matters, nothing else!

Is there anything else coming up for you guys that you can tell us about? Big shows? New music?

I’m playing my first show in Ireland on the 27.5. at Wigwam in Dublin for Bella Festa. I also have a record that I’ve been dreaming about for over 2 years now coming out mid June, so keep your eyes peeled :))

Grab your copy of Guinness Italo HERE