CENKK is a multidisciplinary musician trained in opera and classical composition. His electronic productions create a unique and captivating soundscape. One of the rising stars in the electronic music scene, he has received support from the likes of Solomun, Adriatique, Âme, Toto Chiavetta, Innellea and many many more. Now with an upcoming release “&techno” coming out on BAU_HAUS, we caught up with him to see what led him into electronic music, and what he has coming up for the rest of 2024…

Hey CENKK, how are you, how has the year been so far?

Hello DHA. All good here, thanks. It’s been a productive year in the studio which led to a lot of releases and shows.

Tell us what lead you into making music, DJing, loving house and techno – why did the whole scene appeal to you?

Before deciding to study classical music, my first musical passion was dance music. I would buy Tresor releases on vinyl and would DJ with my friend at high school dances or any gigs we could get. I remember playing to 3 people on a parking lot. Then I went onto studying undergrad and 3 postgrad degrees in classical music, specifically opera, in London. I went off to tour with different opera companies around Europe and US until Covid hit. During this time I went back to writing dance and film music, and when clubs started opening back up I started DJing again, after many years.

You mix up old school and new school in your sounds right? What brought you to this style?

I wanted to bring something new to the table. I think if you want to create new works in any genre, one must have their own unique twist to the plot. Since I’ve had many different tools to use from my studies and past experiences, I wanted to explore and dissect house and techno genres. So, melodic techno & house genre was the most agreeable platform for me to really explore what I wanted to present to the listener.

What inspired your new one on BAU_HAUS? What was the aim?

I took two months off and locked myself in the studio at the beginning of the year. It was a pivotal point in my music making looking back at it now. In the BAU HAUS release you can really see a diverse set of tracks. We hear a clear spectrum from melodic techno to house. There is always an inspiration behind each track I write and some are personal. I integrate my vocals on almost all of my output. However, with the last ‘Feel It’ and the now upcoming ‘&techno’ releases I’ve decided to explore in using soulful vocals as a couple of the tracks was calling for this. I was aiming to pull apart and then rebuild the classic house motifs to make something that sounded like a hybrid. You can hear this on the ‘Let Me Tell You’ track from the BAU HAUS release.

Did you have a certain club or time in the night in mind when making the tunes?

Somewhat. I think with ‘&techno’ track, I’ve imagined it being like the soundtrack to, let’s say a Balanciaga runway show. ‘Let Me Tell You’ it’s certainly that dirty and sweaty hour at a club, when the rhythm just takes over your body and mind. ‘Broken’ was actually a full on song which then I’ve cut up to make it more digestible for that vocal melodic techno sound. ‘The End’ was just pure fire and very cinematic in my opinion.

How much do dj experiences feed into music making?

Well, I test drive lot of my songs. Plus when you play tracks by others, you then see a certain reaction of the crowd to a certain drop or a rise, which then embeds in your creativity and somehow finds its way out in the studio.

What gear do you use? Do you have lots of tools?

I’m rebuilding my studio back up since having moved from Miami, it has taken me a while to unpack. I have a lot of plugins to be honest and my trusty mic. I record a lot of my own samples and use a few keyboards.

What’s next after this for you?

I have releases coming out on Radikon, Multinotes and Blackrose that I’m very excited for. Listeners will be able to hear more of what came out of the studio sessions from the beginning of the year. Some cool gigs also.

What goals and dreams do you have for your career?

I just want to make music that moves people. That’s my main goal, as it makes me feel happy when I see a good reaction from the crowd. The more people are able to reach the music I make, the better the feeling. Therefore, I have so much gratitude for other artists and platforms for helping this to happen by sharing and playing my tracks.

What was the last record you bought or heard that made you go wow?

Besides dance music I listen to many other genres like jazz, of course classical and ethnic. I really can’t say there is an album of late I would classify as wow, but much amazing music that is out there and I’m always listening.

CENKK’s “&techno” EP is out on 17th May on BAU_HAUS
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