Kolombo is a longtime favourite of us here at the website. A man who always infuses his productions with serious soul, he’s a master of his craft and someone who’s regulars;y begged up by the biggest players in the scene. What’s more, his productions always feature a funk that’s not always apparent in contemporary house and techno circles. We nabbed him recently for a quick chat ahead of his latest release on French label, Family Piknik….
How are you, what’s good and bad in your world ?
heyo, i’m fine thnx, bad of course as all artists in the world were affected by this pandemic but the good thing is that I could had much time in studio to focus myself and thinking about a plan B. Also the good thing is that I could pass more time with my family and friends (closer to me in Belgium) but missing my friends far away from me and partners, manager, all my lovely team
How did you survive the pandemic and what did you learn about yourself?
I’ve survived making music and being in touch with my loved ones. I have learned that I need to be closed to people! (Hahaha)
What’s the scene in Belgium like right now, is it back to being fully open, did it survive?
It’s getting back slowly as the whole world, but I was always working more outside Belgium anyway.
And what sounds, artists, parties and labels are popular, is there a thriving underground scene ? 
Techno is really getting the scene, like Charlotte Witte and other names, nice to see.
Where is your best environment as a dj? a small dark club or a huge outdoor festival stage? 
I like to play it late for the “weridos” but also early.. not really a “best environment” it really depends. 
For me the Best territory is South America, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Mexico, …. I was probably latino in another life ;)))
Where does the impulse to create something come from for you? What role do sources of inspiration like dreams, other forms of art, personal relationships, politics etc play?
Most of all of inspirations to me is when i’m front of ppl on dance floor and realise they like that or that kind of sound and trying to remade something like that with my background influence
Tell us about your new one on Family Piknik – where and when was it written?
Actually, I have been playing some tracks from Tom Pooks since Long time and we have never met before, so I found some old trax from him and then I’ve played them at party. I really like that kind of atemporal trax where after 10 or 15 year later, it sounds still fresh. When Family Piknik label manager offered me to remix the new Tom Pooks track early 2021, I was happy to make it. After this, Tom invited me to play with him in Toulouse and we’ve started sharing demos and unsigned. I sent them the We Hate It EP I composed with belgian duo Eyes Faces and they managed to add two great remixes from their Family Piknik crew artists. I think we’ve started a very good relationship here… We received many strong DJ supports on ‘We Hate It’ and ‘Rockin’ so far, the EP is quiet hot !
What gear do you use in the studio to make your music and does that matter to you ? 
I’m an analog freak, but these past years I’ve been trying to get more into plugins witch sounds amazing for some, but I love mixing both where dirty analogue sound makes some texture as not many people use…
What else have you got coming up/are you working on?
A new collab with Tom Pooks on Family Piknik, a new EP on Flashmob and a Best of compilation from my own new label “Otherwise”.
Finally tell our readers something they might not know about you…
I did sound engineering for a theater around 1995 during 8 years with Breakdancers (Namur Break sensations) and the actrice Cecile De France, mostly did scratchs and all the background effects.
Keep up with Kolombo on Facebook and Instagram. We Hate It is out now via Family Piknik. Buy/listen to the release here