Miss Monique is a Ukrainian artist who is one of the most certain young female artists on the scene right now. She has been playing at some of the worlds most prominent venues over the last couple of years, and her label Siona Records has been dominating the Beatport charts also. We caught up with her to find how she’s been coping with the last year or so and her plans for the future…

Hey Miss Monique, how are you? How are things for you personally right now?

Hey! Thank you, all good. I’m exploring this kind of new life and trying to live by new rules. That’s not easy but it’s an interesting experience for sure. Also, I’m so happy to be back to my tour life. I was lucky already to have Argentinian tour in March, Mexican tour in May and more events are coming. I hope this is a good sign that the normal times are back.

How have you survived the last year, what’s kept you positive? What have you found the hardest during these uncertain times?

The hardest in the past year was to not see my listeners, I don’t have a chance to make parties with all of them and probably like most of the people, I was scared because this new world has become and nobody knew what to do.

In the first month together with my team we tried to stay positive and think how we can use this time, what we can do for people to feel a little bit better in these hard times and work on new ideas. Basically I stayed positive because I spent a lot of time in the chats, on the streams with people, we supported each other. Also I tried to continue to work and except the new world.

Did you pick up any new hobbies or new skills with all the extra free time?

Before the pandemic I was traveling 3-4 days in a week and didn’t have a lot of time for things which are also important for me. So, I used pandemic extra time for studio work, finished and signed a lot of new releases. We recorded new videos for my YouTube channel, I had more time for talking with my listeners and of course we found so many amazing artists for our label Siona. I can say that we tried to use this time to work harder.

You’re based in Kiev, Ukraine – it seems to have been a hotspot for new electronic music talent over the last few years – why you do think that is?

Yes, we have a lot of amazing and talent artists, who were recognized by the world in the past few years. We can see how often these artists are on the Top chart positions, when their names are in the lineup of the best festivals and events.

Tell us about your recent “Don’t Come Back” release on Tiesto’s label AFTR:HRS? How did that come about?

That was actually a very funny story. Argentinian producer Nahue Síntes sent their collaboration with vocalist girl Josefina as demo for my label Siona a few months ago. When I heard it, I was in love with the vocal part and main idea of the track as well. I was thinking to make a remix but later realised that I can add something more in this track. When we had the final version, we got an offer to release it on AFTR:HRS. We were more than happy to join to their label family and to get support from legendary artist – Tiesto.

What gear did you use, are you a hardware or software person?

In the past few years, together with my team, who helped me to develop my skills in the production we used as hardware, as software instruments. But I think in some cases nothing can be better than hardware instruments, the sound is so different. In my previous tracks I used more software instruments but I would like to change this and hope to add in my future works more hardware devices. Anyway, for now I’m still learning and maybe in a few years time I’ll tell you for sure my opinion and what I’ll get from my experience.

Do you think the dance scene will be different when we’re all back – more local talents and stuff? How do you feel about that?

Some artists have chosen to take a break from studio work and parties, some decided to work even more. I think the results of all this will be visible when the pandemic is over.

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

In the next few months I’m planning to travel more but only incase the situation will be stable. We already confirmed a few events in Israel, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Turkey, tour in Colombia and this summer I’m also back to my favourite Ukrainian club – Ibiza Beach Club in Odessa, where I’ll play warmup sets for amazing artists like Boris Brejcha, Tale Of Us, ARTBAT, Maceo Plex, Oliver Huntemann, Dubfire, Monolink. At the same time I’ll continue to work in the studio as much as I can, we will continue to develop our label Siona and of course to record more videos for my YouTube channel.

Miss Monique’s, Nahue Sintes – Don’t Come Back feat. Josefina is out now on AFTR:HRS
Grab it here