Aaron Rutherford is a young talented Manchester based artist who has just released an awesome new EP “Remember When” on Denis Sulta’s Sulta Selects Silver Service label. We caught up with him to see how his relationship with Denis came to be, and his plans for the future…

Hey Aaron, how are you, how has the year been so far?

Hey, firstly thank you so much for having me! I’m doing very well thank you. This year has been wicked so far, lots of time in the studio and a highlight of the year was my first headline show with Hector aka Denis Sulta and the lovely Sarah Story, what a night that was!

Tell us about coming up in Manchester, what got you into dance music, what parties etc?

It all started with my college teacher Luke, he was the guy responsible for getting me into electronic music and made me fall in love with the process of how tracks are made. Fast forward to the age of 18, I quickly found myself under Piccadilly train station at the Warehouse Project till the early hours of the morning watching some of the best DJs in the world. From then I started to form a taste for the kind of music I love and create today!

How much are you a product of the city sound wise? Does its scene, landscape, weather, people influence your sound?

When you are from a city that’s home to artists such as Autechre, 808 State and the Chemical Brothers, those people are always going to have some influence in your sound. As for the weather, there is nothing more I love than a rainy day locked in the studio, that comes along often when you live in Manchester haha

When it comes to DJing are you someone who likes to get people in a trance, or who likes a sense of fun in their sets, or who likes to shock etc?

I’d say getting people in a trance and throwing the odd curve ball is where my sets lie, but it’s totally dependent on the crowd and time. I always try to bring the energy, control the crowd then bring them down to those big euphoric moments of the night, the type that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

And where is your best environment? A small dark club or a huge outdoor festival stage? Late at night for the weirdos or early so you can play slow and eclectic etc?

It’s hard to say! The festival stages are great for playing those big tracks everyone loves, whereas in those dark small clubs you can really go for it, try out new music and experiment a little. The later the better, that’s when you’re left with all the music lovers.

How did you first hook up with Denis Sulta’s label? Did you reach out?

This is a story I love to tell! In my previous job I used to work in live sound where I was working at Creamfields back in 2019. I wanted to catch Hector when he was playing on the main stage but couldn’t make it, but luckily on my walk to catering our paths crossed after his set. I went over for a chat and got his email, what a gentleman he is! 2 days later he downloaded Forgotten & Lost Consequence, little did I know he would then go on to play those tracks all around the world for 2 years without me knowing! After Covid hit, I got in contact with Hector asking if he would like to sign those 2 tracks, to which he agreed! All we needed was that final track, which was Remember When, the rest is history.

What does it mean to be releasing on the label, how important is the platform it gives you etc?

It’s a huge honour to be releasing on Sulta Selects Silver Service, it’s been top of my list since I started producing. Hector and the team have been great throughout everything and what I love about the label is that they put a lot of effort into each release and really look after you throughout the process. This release has opened many doors for me, from getting in the studio with Hector to attending some of his shows, we even play a bit of Warzone through the week haha. Being part of the silver service family got me my first headline show back in February and the fact my first record is coming out on vinyl too is insane!

Did Denis get involved with feedback on the final sounds or did he take what you sent him as it was?

The only feedback I got from him was that he loved each track and told me how well they were going down at each place he’s been playing them around the world. I didn’t have to change anything which is always a nice feeling knowing you got it right first time.

Did you write the music with the label in mind? Was it designed for a certain party, place, vibe, crowd?

Not necessarily, I just made what felt right at the time and luckily Hector loved the tracks too. With Lost Consequence it’s quite an emotional track with a lot of meaning behind it, Forgotten was made to drive the dancefloor and with Remember When, I came up with the melody and wasn’t sure if I liked it or not. I took a short break, came back and then the track evolved into how you hear it today. It’s got a catchy melody, emotion, and everything in between, something that’s heard throughout the EP. I guess my sound and label’s ethos align perfectly.

What inspired it? Where and when did you write it?

When I moved back to Manchester after university, I had a lot of things to say in my music. I locked myself in my make-do studio for months and made Forgotten and Lost Consequence, they were actually the second and third tracks that I ever finished back in 2018 when I started out. Then in 2020 I moved house and built a proper studio where I made Remember When, this track was just waiting for the clubs to open again after covid. Even though the tracks were made so far apart I am really happy with how the tracks accompany each other on the record.

What else have you got coming up, what are you working on?

Towards the end of Summer, I have my second EP coming on another one of my favourite labels which I’m really excited about along with my first international booking early next year. At the minute I’m working on some new music for one of my favourite producers’ labels and looking forward to what’s to come this summer.

Aaron Rutherford EP “Remember When” is out now on Sulta Selects Silver Service
Grab it here