Adrianza is a Miami based artist originally from Venezuela that has really stepped it up over the last 18 months with a string of massive hits on his label Adrianza Records. Now with a new “Drinking Up” EP coming out where he’s collab’d with Cordero, we chatted to him to find out about his plans for the label, and what has helped him be so productive in the studio over the pandemic…


Hi Adrianza, how are you, what’s good and bad in your world right now?

Hi all good thanks for asking. On the good side right now we already have all the releases for this year ready. We are bringing very good music, we are also working on our events to expand them all over the USA, and on the bad side I think with all the situation that there is in the world, we are trying to get something good out of everything and keep working for what we want.

How have you survived the last year, and what helped you get through it?

We have really supported ourselves by working on our own almost every day. On the other hand also, we invested money in cryptocurrencies.

Tell us about your own label: what is the sound, the vibe?

We are currently doing events related to the genre we are releasing on our label which goes from Minimal Deep Tech to House. The vibe I think we are trying to keep it is a bit fast between 127bpm to 130bpm. Lately the vibe we try to keep it is quite danceable and with quite a lot of groove.

What’s good and bad about running a label in 2021?

The good part about starting a label in 2021 is that it’s always a good time to start your projects and pursue your dreams. The bad part is that due to the current situation we are going through in many countries there are restrictions to do events, as many nightclubs are closed and it’s a bit difficult to try to promote the music as the scene is not at 100%.

What inspired your new EP with Cordero? What did you have in mind when you wrote it?

I already have many years working and knowing Cordero. When we were 14 years old we started doing events and Cordero was our resident DJ as well as partner. Right now we are working together on the label and he started producing at the beginning of this year and I decided to make him the proposal to make an EP and add two strong remixes to make his first release and our first collab something special.

How did you start working together for the first time? Why does it work?

The first time we worked together producing was the moment we made the decision. It works because in some shows we always make presentations as Adrianza & Cordero and musically we have a good connection when it comes to making a B2B. That’s why we came up with the idea that producing music together would make everything flow.

Who did what, each one has their own skills, their own areas in which they worked?

We actually started the projects from scratch together in my studio. It was part of both of us on this EP, all the synths and drums we recorded live in my studio and we did the arrangement all at once.

What else do you have coming up / what are you working on?

After this EP, we have four releases for the rest of the year, one every month. One of them to give a preview is an EP with two originals, including 2 remixes, one by Christian Burkhardt and one by Giorgio Maulini.

What was the last song you bought and why?

Shoot The Door – Martinez Brothers & Louie Vega I think it’s one of the best songs I’ve ever heard in a while. It’s a bomb on the dancefloor.


Adrianza’s collab EP with Cordero “Drinking Up” is out soon on Adrianza Records
Pre-order it here