We sit down with Italian DJ, producer and Music On resident Ale De Tuglie to discuss his style of music, his work with Marco Carola, production tips and much more.

Hey Ale, how are you, how has your year been?

Hey guys, nice to meet you. All good, thanks. Well, what to say, this has been a fundamental year for my artistic growth, I’d say a turning point, as it gave me the chance to travel all around the world and finally touching base in some of the greatest clubs and venues in the scene, but at the same time it also gave me the chance to play in smaller club, but being there as a guest.

What is the Italian scene you came up in? Was it Italian styles that first turned you on to electronic music?

Well, I’ve been living in the Bari (South Italy) scene. it’s not exactly about Italian style. Simply, I started attending parties with Italian and international artists and I’ve been listening to electronic music from different artists, both from Italian and from the rest of the world ones, and, after many listening and many years tasting music and creating my own taste, started following a style and a sound that I really felt mine and that I really identified with.

And what is your own style now, how long till you found your own signature sound?

My style, currently, is in between tech house and minimal, but I enjoy some old school house tunes and it’s not rare that I even play some in my sets. What primarily helped to find my own signature sound was to understand who I am. I badly wanted something that musically could speak for me, that really could represent me, what I am in my everyday life – substantially a playful guy – and that’s it. This is the genre that can really help me to express myself.

What are the key things to get right for you when producing? What are the most important bits of any tune?

Certainly, the most important thing is to have a clear idea of what you’re looking for. I always try to put in any track my current mood of when I’m producing, to express my feelings in that right moment. It’s not about a right recipe or a formula for me. It’s just about instant feelings. I want people on the dancefloor or just enjoying their time to understand what I’m trying to express. It’s like creating a bond, an empathy with the public.

What have been the most important moments and milestones in it so far to get you where you are?

To start, being able to open for big acts in the main rooms of some of the most important clubs in Puglia and getting to know many artists I have created bonds with. The further step, that’s the one that today is offering me the opportunity to play big gigs all around the globe and it’s giving me more visibility, has been for sure starting working with Marco Carola and the whole Music On crew or, better, family.

How important has the Music On association been? How did it first come about?

I’d be lying if I said it was not crucial. It’s been a BIG step that brought me to play in some of the best consoles in the world, with a wider and international audience. So, it’s been very important for my growth. Like any other person in the world, I had a personal hero, Marco, and his series of Music On parties has always been a big dream of mine. One day, while attending one of their parties, I got to know Marco and part of his crew and they got to know me, who I was and what I was doing. Over the years, our friendship strengthened (and I speak of friendship, something that goes beyond business relationships) and last year got invited to play for one of their parties. Since then, well, you know.

What is it like playing that party vs other parties? Do you play differently?

I’d say no. Simply, as said before, I have my own signature sound and I’m not used to adapting my sound from club to club, from party to party. Instead, I’d say it’s more appropriate to understand what time frame are you going to play, so a warm up set of mine may sound different from a central set or a closing one. I’ve been doing w, playing as a guest or doing after and closing parties. I think anyone can recognize me regardless if I’m playing an opening, a central or a closing set. It’s about me and my essence. Obviously, the vibe on the dancefloor (and the DJ play a key role in this too!) may also determine the success of the night and of a big set.

You head to Bali in winter to play – do you switch up your sounds according to the weather and location? Do you pack slightly differently for those gigs?

Yeah, indeed. I’d say it’s pretty normal to slightly switch up your sound according to the location, depending on whether you’re playing by day or by night, according to the mood on the dancefloor. And, obviously, even my luggage is slightly different.

What else have you got coming up or are you working on?

I’m working on new music, I have a release confirmed in February on Mason Collective’s WHIPPIN. The rest you’ll see in due time.

What advice would you give yourself as a young artist that you have learnt since you started?

Focus on a goal and work hard every day with perseverance and determination to reach that goal.

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