We sit down with Ecuadorian DJ and producer Alejandro Soria as he celebrates his latest release on Savia Park’s January V/A. We discuss the inspiration behind his craft, the scene in Ecuador, his equipment and more…..

How has the year been for you so far?

Well, in my career as an artist, this beginning of the year I feel proud of myself, since I have managed to achieve several goals that I have set myself since the beginning of my career.

Tell us how you first got into electronic music in Ecuador

My beginnings in the Ecuadorian electronic scene were when I was 17 years old, I started in a collective called ‘The Trouble Makers’ where I found the musical style that I liked, as well as some music friends who became my family.

What was your tastes back then, what parties and djs were you into?

Back then and until now, my taste for minimal, and minimal techno have not changed.

I remember that at that time I went to club events promoted by: Lost Beach Club, The Flower Shop, BPM and Bassick in Quito

Back then I really liked artists like: Medu, Raresh, Romanov, Red Meat Therapy and some more.

Was there a local scene or were you listening to stuff online from around the world

At the age in which I started on the electronic scene in my country Ecuador, there were several clubs dedicated solely to electronic music, several clubs and promoters that up to now continue with their projects, such as Lost Beach Club and Bassick.

Does Ecuadorian electronic music have its own style, its own signature? what’s popular there?

Of course, we have a musical identity as a country.

Our musical identity has a lot to do with our roots, which will be involved with Latin rhythms.

Electronic music in Ecuador has had an extraordinary evolution and even in the way we perceive good quality things, so there are different styles in the production of some genres such as techno or house or minimal that became very popular in our country.

What’s the aim with your music? what is its signature? what do you hope is your musical identity?

My music varies a lot from what I live from day to day, which is why I always want to express what I live through my music.

My musical signature goes hand in hand with solid sounds, accompanied by textures and glitch sounds, and pleasant melodies.

My goal is that they recognize the talent of my country Ecuador, that they see that being a small country we have too much musical talent.

Tell us what inspired Una Noche En Peru?

My song ‘Una noche en Peru’, was inspired by my first tour in Peru, in which there was a night in which I lived my first experience as a DJ outside the country, which made me more confident in what I’m doing.

What gear did you use to make it?

As a DAW I used ableton, and used my favorite native instruments plug-in Reaktor, as well as some samples I downloaded.

What is a go to floor filling record for you? One that always works?

For me, the track that works the most on the dance floor and one of my favorites, its creator, the great Ricardo Villalobos with his theme ‘Hansup’ which came out on Raum musik label.

What else have you got coming up?

In the little that goes of the year I have spent my time producing many tracks, which little by little I will be launching on my personal bandcamp profile, and several releases on labels, one of them Savia Park

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