Animal Print are a DJ duo of Bolivian brothers with a real talent for melodic anthems perfect for the dancefloor. With a recent “Change” EP just dropped on Marc Romboys Systematic label, we caught up with them to find out how they got into dance music in Bolivia, and what their plans are for 2022…

Hey guys, how are you? What’s big in your world right now?

Marco: Hey thanks for the invitation. Well, moving to Copenhagen in the middle of a pandemic plus organizing a remote festival in Bolivia and having a new release in Systematic this week, makes me think that I have a lot of great things at this point in my life. Sometimes more than I can handle.

Anibal: Hi Deep House London, thanks for the interview. I am very happy to share with you some thoughts about music and life.

Tell us about growing up in Bolivia, and how you got into music?

Marco: Bolivia has a very rich culture, maintaining many native traditions and customs. It was incredible growing up in a place where there are so many cultural mixes, that influenced our perception as artists I think. Music was always around us, as children we were influenced by my father who listened to rock from the 70s or artists like Tomita and Vangelis. On the other hand my mother used to listen to disco music, the perfect combination. We have always been people who are not satisfied with what does not exist in a society, not finding the music that we liked in the clubs, we began to dabble in the figure of the DJ without realizing it. After many years there was the same need to create and bring out what we felt through music, that’s how our career as producers began.

Anibal: We grew up near the mountains in La Paz – Bolivia, which is one of the most interesting cities in the world. We really love music since we were kids, and we have lived different musical decades. I started as a DJ and event producer in the late 90s, and we are pioneers of the Bolivian Electronic Music Scene.

What is the scene like, what sounds are popular, are there good underground parties?

Marco: The scene in Bolivia is growing, it is not massive compared to other countries but it is still intimate which we like. There are many good quality events these days in the main cities. We do a very interesting festival called Electro Preste, where we mix icons of our native culture in a modern language, this is the sixth year that we do it, we have brought artists like Nick Warren, MANDY, Stefano Noferini, etc.

Anibal: The Bolivian Electronic scene has grown a lot in the last 10 years. There are parties in many cities like La Paz, Santa Cruz and Cochabamba. In La Paz you can find every kind of party (it’s a very cosmopolitan city), but the people prefer Techno, Melodic Techno, Psytrance and dark music. Santa Cruz is in the middle of the jungle, they are more into House and Tech House.

When did you first meet, why did you decide to work together?

Marco: Actually we are brothers, many people do not realize it because we are very different physically. We used to play separately, until we decided to form this project where we merged both perspectives of music.

Anibal: We are brothers… so we grew up as very good friends and we have the same passion for the music. We decided to play together because we have the same musical tastes with little differences and we understand each other very well in the booth.

Who does what, do you each have your own sound?

Marco: I think Anibal focuses more on the rhythmic part and I am in charge of the melodic part, both in the booth and in the studio.

Anibal: Both of us love Techno, but we always try to discover new sounds. We have a marked influence of the 80s and 90s so that is the reason we like this new Electro, Indie Dance and Break Beat. We have small differences… maybe Marco prefer dark and melodic tracks and I prefer tracks with more rhythm.

How much has the last year affected the music you have made, the style and sound of it?

Marco: At the beginning of the pandemic, I really enjoyed being able to have the time to finish many pending songs. I think you can notice a change in the new songs with more intimate sounds and not so directed to the dance floor. During the live shows personally, I could feel a lot of anxiety at first when the clubs reopened.

Anibal: The last year was so good for us because we found the time to focus on producing more music. Many things changed in our life in a very positive way, now we focus in the blessings and not on the problems. That way of thinking inspired a lot to our music and art.

Where does the impulse to create something come from for you? What role do sources of inspiration like dreams, other forms of art, personal relationships, politics etc play?

Marco: We are vampires, we suck the inspiration from everything. Every movie we watch, every experience we have, every memory, etc. inspires us to develop concepts to implement in songs. All of our songs are very personal.

Anibal: Everything inspires our music… each experience and memory since we were kids. Each track is inspired in some moment of our lives, relationships, travels and our faith in God. I really love to experiment with my art, not only with music… I like visual arts too.

Tell us about the tunes you have made for Systematic Recordings – what inspired them?

Marco: At the beginning, the ep had three songs: Agape, Change, and Eros, but we decided to only include the last two. The concept revolves around the different stages of love, as it begins with Eros, evolves into Agape, and at some point everything becomes confusing, as the lyrics of Change express. The voice from Flu, who is a great Italian singer, fits perfectly into the atmosphere of the song and the concept we had for it. It is amazing to work with such a great label and of course also with Marc Romboy, we have always been fans of his work.

Anibal: This EP is very special for us. I think we have reached a musical maturity and the sound we were looking for. It’s an honor for us to have in this EP a great singer like FLU and remixes from Glowal and Pongo. It’s a very solid release and I am are really happy to find our own sound.

What’s next for you, what are you working on?

Marco: Right now we just want to finish the work from the festival and also start planning the next one in April. We also have new eps for the beginning of the next year.

Anibal: Now we are working in the sixth version of our Bolivian party called Electro Preste. We organize it in a very traditional and crazy place, mixing some cool bolivian icons with de Electronic Music culture. We are very proud to be bolivians and we want to show our culture in a modern language.

What would be your ideal way to party on NYE – with who, and where?

M: It would be nice to have a teleporter machine for that night haha. I would start with a dinner at my parents’ house with my family and after midnight I could go to a party in Costa Rica or some warm place, Denmark is very cold at that time of year.

Anibal: My last NYE was so quiet with my family… and I realized it’s a real bless to have those kind of moments with the people we love. This year would be great to have a nice party, maybe on the beach, with my favourite DJs like Dennis Horvat, Dino Lenny, Glowal and Animal Print of course haha.


Animal Print feat. FLU EP “Change” including Glowal & Pôngo Remixes released on Systematic Recordings is out now
Grab it here