Ben Rau is a German/Ghanaian DJ based in Berlin who is highly respected by all his peers, and always seems to perfect quality house music whenever he sets foot in the studio. With a new LP “8 Track” out on Hot Since 82’s Knee Deep In Sound, we spoke to him recently to see how the LP came to be, and what inspired it…

Hey Ben, how has your year been so far?

Great thanks it’s been an exciting few months running up to the release of my 8-track Album on Knee Deep In Sound.

When, why and how did you first get into electronic music? What gave you the bug?

My brother would bring back mixtapes he recorded from the radio when I was in my early teens as he was also into house. I fully got involved when I went to Uni in the UK and from then on raving was just something I always wanted to be involved with.

What is your signature sound and style – what makes your music unique?

I’m always trying to figure out new soundscapes and use a lot of hardware. I don’t use sample packs apart from single shot sounds for percussion and I make all my sounds myself. I make everything from quirky minimal underground house and tech house to full on hands in the air emotional house belters. I have to keep myself interested so I’m not confined to a subgenre.

Why did you want to do your recent “8 Track” LP, what inspired or influenced it?

Hot Since 82 approached me for the project. It’s the third in the series on the the label after Cristoph and Daley’s own editions. I’d released previously on the label and so I happily agreed to do it. I wanted to showcase my range as a producer and so I did everything from deep house to breakbeat, French filter house as well as 90s inspired KORG M1 Organ belters so all my house influences can be heard on the project. I’m very proud of it

And how did the link with Knee Deep In Sound come about?

Daley (Hot Since 82) had previously signed an Ep by myself and Jansons which went to No1 on Beatport. Doing the 8-track project felt like a natural progression.

How much do you draw on your Ghanaian heritage when making music?
I guess my sense of rhythm and my natural musicality are African gifts. Combined with German work ethic it’s a lethal combo! LOL!

What has been your highlight gig this year?

Definitely my debut on the DC10 terrace for Solid Grooves. It doesn’t get much better than that really! The atmosphere was electric!!

What’s next now it is done?

I’m focussed on more underground dancefloor stuff now. I’ve experimented a lot and have a new raw techy acid sound that I personally think is the sound of now. It’s been a challenge learning how to do what I had in my head, but I feel I’ve accomplished it and I can’t wait to unleash the next lot of releases.

What was the last record you heard that made you go wow and why?

I really liked Archie Hamilton’s last record on Microhertz. He’s bang on the money with his current sound.

Ben’s “8 Track” LP is coming out on Knee Deep In Sound
Grab it here