London based, Mexican born Betoko is a producer who has quickly risen through the ranks, having drummed in bands and played guitar as a teen. It was here that he discovered a passion for electronic music. His early releases showed the man to have his own distinctive approach joining the dots between techno, minimal and house music with great style. We caught up with him recently to talk about what makes his music unique, and his recent release “To The Moon” on his OKO Recordings label…

Hey – how are you, how has 2021 been for you?

Heya! thanks for having me! It’s been challenging to say the least. I don’t think any of us saw the virus coming this hard. 🙁

How was the pandemic for you and what affect did it have on your music taste and style?

In the beginning of lockdown I thought it was a good time to disconnect from all the traveling and focus in the studio, but as lockdowns extended, anxiety and worry kicked in and my creativity dried up in periods, so it was hard to make as much music as I wanted. Another issue I found is that once I have some new tracks I normally test them on the road and see the reaction on the dancefloor, and then go back to the studio and tweak until I get to where I think it’s done. Without that feedback from the public it was a bit like flying blind.

What is your own sound, what makes your music unique?

It’s hard to put a style on my music because one day I may come out with some dark progressive track and next some groovy tech house. I don’t like to put a specific genre, I like it better when it’s called good music to dance to 🙂

In the studio, do you jam live to see what comes out, or do you construct your songs with a brief and an aim?

I always improvise. I mostly start playing with a synth tweaking a sound and coming up with a bassline or a riff, and then build up from there.

Do you make the tunes you want to play in your own sets, is there a direct link like that?

Yes I normally play all the music I make when it fits the atmosphere in the club.

Tell us about your newest Ep on your label OKO Recordings, and what was the thinking behind it, how and where and when it was made?

To The Moon was actually in the making for a long time, probably from before the start of the pandemic. But I thought with clubs being mostly closed I would hold on to it until there were more shows so hopefully the tracks would be played out.

You’re a mexican in london – what keeps you in the city?

I’ve lived now more time in the UK than in Mexico. Even though I love Mexico my family lives in the UK so I really call UK home now. I miss the tacos though lol

How much does its sound inspire and influence the music you make?

For me London is one of the most amazing cities in the world, there is so much going on all the time. Art, theatre, culture, so it’s definitely a city that inspires all kinds of art.

You have been there a while now so give us some secret insider tops on where to hear good music and buy good music?

If you want to hear some of the latest trends in London you have to head East. There are many spots that have weakly events with some of the freshest up and coming artists, and if you are into vinyl, Phonica is the place to go.

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

Right now I’m finishing the follow up to “To The Moon EP” with 3 tracks which continue the story I wanted to tell on the one before 🙂

Betoko EP “To The Moon” is out now on OKO Recordings
Grab it here