Deviu is a Colombian DJ/Producer with rich melodies very much inherited in his veins. His recent Duality EP on Ear Porn Music proves just that, and we spoke to him recently to find out how he first got into electronic music, and what he prides himself on when producing in the studio…

Hey Deviu, how are you, how’s summer?

I’m good, thanks. Working on new music and very excited to share this new release on Ear Porn Music with you. I live in the south of Colombia and the area I am based in has cold weather, so for us, summer comes at the end of the year.

Are you back to playing parties, what is it like, what tunes have been big so far?

Since I started this project or alias in 2020 during the pandemic, I have not had the opportunity to play live; now with the return of parties I am planning to play soon and show the music I’ve been working on during the last few months.

How did you first get into electronic music in Colombia, what parties and djs?

I started in electronic music world/scene several years ago and, over time, I experimented with different styles of the genre until I got to know and established myself into the Melodic House & Techno and Progressive House genres. The artists who inspired me to create this music were: Yotto, Einmusik, Kamilo Sanclemente, Ben Böhmer, among many others. I like a lot of genres so I would say that I love electronic music in general.

What makes your music unique, what do you pride yourself on when producing?

Over time I have experimented with many types of music such as Chill Out, Ambient Music, Indie rock / pop and film score music, which is reflected in my tracks. I like to try new things from other genres and adapt them to this style. I think creativity is a fundamental part of music production.

Where do you start, always in the same place or is it just experimenting until something works?

I usually start with a base of chords or arpeggios, which give way to the bass, melodies and drums to put together the main idea of the track, a drop. But this varies depending on the style of the track or simply if a new idea comes up while trying a sound or tool.

The new Ear Porn Music “Duality”ep – what inspired it, where and when was it written?

Duality was inspired by the idea about the opposite sides of the universe and how they complement each other; existence and absence, order and chaos, life and death. Living fully and in balance so that existence becomes eternal in the absence. I composed this track in my studio earlier this year.

It is very melodic, why do you love melodies? What role do they play?

For me, the melodies are the ones that differentiate the tracks. They are the main elements to be highlighted since they convey most of the feelings and ideas to the listener. They are that part that stays in your mind and that you remember over time.

Did you have formal training or are you self-taught?

I started by learning on my own with initial foundations of music theory. In 2016, I had the opportunity to study Audio and Sound Production, so I acquired new knowledge and skills to achieve a more professional sound. I have also been studying Piano for several years now. However, when it comes to music, I think it’s always about trial and error; the best way to create something good is to keep on trying until you achieve it.

What gear do you use to make your music and does that matter? Do you collect the tools of your trade?

I produce in Ableton Live, using mainly plug-ins like Diva or Pigments. I always use my Focal monitors, some controllers and, occasionally, some external synths. This to get a more hybrid sound between analog and digital. However, I think that all you need to create music is a computer or laptop, a good pair of monitors or headphones, and your creativity.
And yes, I really like having different tools and synthesizers, it is something of a personal choice/taste.

What’s next, what else are you working on right now?

Right now, I’m focused on this release with Ear Porn Music and an upcoming remix on Purified Records. Additionally, I am preparing several tracks and Eps that will be released soon.


Deviu EP “Duality” released on Ear Porn Music is out now
Grab it here