Dexter Troy is a Swiss based artist who has been making big waves with releases on the likes of all Street King, MONOSIDE, and Mood Funk Records. He returns to King Street with his latest release “La Montée”, so we caught up with him to find out more…

Hey Dexter, how is all with you?

Fine, thank you, lovely to chat to you!

What’s most important for you when making music? Where do you start on a tune?

Most of the time I concentrate first on the rhythmic parts and more particularly the balance between “kick – bass – clap” in order to build a solid “dancefloor” base. Then, in a second time I work on the harmonic aspects (melodies, break, drop) and often come back later on the rhythm that I adapt harmonically according to the direction.

What gear do you use and is that important?

I use Ableton Live Suite as my DAW. Otherwise some software (UHE, Native Instruments, iZotope, Arturia,…), some samples (Vengeance, Loopmasters,…) and some hardware (TR909, TR808, Nord Stage 3, Prophet 8, Virus TI, and Moog Voyager).

Having good equipment is great but it’s only one point in the composing process in my opinion. I would compare it to cooking. It’s good to have good products (material) but you have to learn how to cook them (composition) and to make a nice presentation in the plate (mix & mastering).

What inspired the new release on Street King?

My mother is Spanish and I was influenced a lot by the “French Touch” during my teenage years. ” La Montée ” and ” Love Somebody ” are notably the translation of those influences.

Are the vocals original or samples? What do you hope they add to the music?

For ” La Montée ” and ” Love Somebody ” they come from a sound bank (sample).

Do you make music with certain labels in mind, or certain times of the night, or clubs?

Generally I compose the track first and then contact the label(s) to be interested according to the musical line in which the track fits.

What else inspires you? Dreams, movies, people, emotions?

The talents of other musicians inspires me a lot and push me to be more demanding with myself.

How hard is it to translate ideas in your head into music, or does it come naturally?

It depends. Sometimes the inspiration is there, the day is great and everything fits together in a very natural way. Sometimes it’s a harder with several hours of work going to waste.

What else have you got coming up?

Some releases planned in the next 6 months on Street King Records, Mood Funk Records and Monoside Records as well as DJ gigs mainly in Switzerland.

What was the last amazing record you heard and why did you love it?

I came across the track “Unit 2 – Sunshine (Kink Remix)” in a mix that DJ Paulette gave at the Albert Hall in Manchester for DJ Mag in October 2022. I like the Classic Piano House vibe with Detroit influences of this track which I like to play a lot in clubs at the moment.

Dexter Troy’s “La Montée” EP is out now on Street King
Grab it here