How are you, What’s good and bad in your world?

The world is actually good, but it is also sometimes bad. It’s all about what we as a society make out of it.

How did you all meet, When, and Why work together?

Martin: Miller and I know each other since childhood and were playing gigs around the world as Doctors on Decks already in the early 2000s. After the reunion together with Severin in 2019, we started working on the album because we had the feeling that the dystopia of the sci-fi novel «The Minus» that Miller created years ago, gained more and more actuality as an artistic critique of the world we live in.

Tell us about the different influences and inspirations you bring to the project and how do they manifest in the album?

Severin: It is a concept album in the tradition of Pink Floyd’s The Wall, a multimedia synthesis of the arts due to our different backgrounds which include music, filmmaking, visual art, architecture and design. Musically this techno opera bears influences from art rock, punk, pop and classical music.

Tell us about the concept for your album – Who had the idea and what is it?

Miller: The album is part of a whole work of art. I have been working on it for over 10 years with over 40 artists from all over the world, from the most diverse fields, such as authors, filmmakers, concept – and visual artists, and also physicists are involved. It is a whole universe of stories in a fictional world that revolves around a mysterious black hole in the middle of a megacity. Among other things, it is about the effects of the unknown on society. Using fragments from the story universe, we as Doctors On Decks have worked together over the past 2 years to develop this wonderful concept album that has become a very special part of «The Minus».

How did you work towards that goal? What was the writing session like?

Martin: When the pandemic began Miller was in Panama creating lyrics and content for several short stories and important topics of «The Minus» as Severin and I were in the studio in Austria trying to capture the atmosphere and context of each track musically. We worked very conceptually on this stage similar to a design process sending the content back and forth.

Were they remote or did you get together in the studio?

As already mentioned at the beginning it was remotely but later, especially when we started to work out our live performance setup and the rehearsals for «The Minus» live show, we spend a lot of time together physically.

Who did what? Did you each have certain roles and take care of certain parts of the music?

Miller: As the author of the original ‘’The Minus” story my part was lyrics, visuals and picking out and directing the overall theme of each track. Severin is the full-blooded musician who composes, sings, plays the instruments, and Martin is the one bringing it all together through many years of experience as a transdisciplinary creative. We all worked together on the concept, arrangements, mixing and final polishing of each track. It is similar to when we perform live on stage. I am responsible for the live visuals that are directly linked to my stems. Severin is singing and playing live instruments, and Martin as the drummer and arranger is responsible for the dramaturgy and mixing.

Were you thinking about who will listen to the album, When and Where? Does that matter?

Severin: The good thing is that the album was written together with the music film we created, so it can be experienced on many different levels. Some might just listen to the music, some might watch it as a motion music picture, some might party to it and some might think about the thought-provoking content.

Tell us about the visual component of the album, What it means and Why it is important?

Miller: It is a new audio-visual experience that makes the musical level and the continuous story of the concept album even more intense to experience, allowing us to dive even deeper into the world of «The Minus».

What else have you got coming up?

Martin: As already mentioned The Minus Motion Musik Picture which will be released mid of October on Youtube and other channels, is an audio-visual and mixed version of the album! Besides that, we are busy in our studio, working on new stuff that in terms of content circles around topics such as what it essentially means to be human and the beauty of nature trying to generate more awareness of these facts. The new tracks will be even more suitable for the dance floor!

Thank you guys for having us!

Martin, Severin & Miller.

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