Everything Counts are making huge waves in the world of deep house. They have released on the likes of Miami’s essential Do Not Sit on The Furniture and have a sound enriched by their different backgrounds. The Italian Swiss duo is made up of Toshka and Chris Leon and they bring wispy synths and fine musical motifs to their tunes with many ethnic and melodic references also included. Here we speak to them about how they came together, their dream collabs, current projects and much more.

Let’s start by chatting about your alias. We were wondering if it’s a sort of nod to the iconic Depeche Mode song? If not, are you a fan of that song? And what else could it be if not?

Yes exactly! We were very keen for this “link” to be recognized. It is a track full of electronic sounds and instruments also used in ethnic music. All things that reflect in part our music that ranges from deep house to afro house and progressive. We are both big fans of the Depeche Mode group and we have always valued their sound and innovativeness so much. The meaning “Everything Counts” is a large window that we have chosen to leave open on various sounds of electronic music on which we like to experiment.

You’ve released on some awesome labels like MoBlack, Seven Villas and now, Do Not Sit on th Furniture. Where does this release sit in terms of your achievements?

We are very satisfied with the goals we have set for ourselves by publishing on these fantastic labels and we want to move forward!

In terms of what you guys have achieved musically already, and what you would like to achieve, where do you think you are now?

We think we still have a long way to go and the intention is to possibly improve by surprising with great news.

Do you make goals in that regard? Are there certain clubs you would love to play at? Certain producers you would love to make music with?

Yes! We are a very close-knit and in tune couple behind the console. We are able to transmit and share an excellent energy with the public that we would like to meet more often. Among the places that we would like to play in for sure one is Do Not Sit On The Furniture (Miami).

We would like to collaborate with numerous producers, but even here the list would be endless. We love names like Henrik Schwarz, Carl Craig, Sebastian Leger and other electronic music gurus, but here we are talking about forbidden dreams. We are always open to new collaborations and “intriguing” proposals and we are currently collaborating with the talented emerging Australian producer Leo Guardo and others.

Let’s go back a bit and can you tell us a bit about how you met? Was it music that first brought you together or?

WE DETESTED EACH OTHER IMMEDIATELY! Probably because within ourselves we recognized the skill of the other, and considered ourselves, stupidly, rivals. Thanks to the musical style proposed by both of us in reality, in a short time, we got closer and we started speaking the same language, finding many things in common and the desire to express ourselves musically united us in the project.

You’re from quite different backgrounds — how does this come out in your music? Or do your backgrounds influence the music you make at all?

We are a couple of Bulgarians who grew up in the land of a people with great culture and musical knowledge, where folklore is still an essential and very present part of life, and a South American from El Salvador, who grew with the rhythms played by the family and by an older brother. Both of us have wide musical influences, listen to various genres and combine everything based on good taste and good ears.

So let’s chat a bit more about this release on Do Not Sit. How did it end up being signed to the label? And why is the label such an important one in the deep house and progressive scenes do you think?

We have been following DNS for years and we wanted to propose something to them, until one day we sent them Kamancheh. Unfortunately there was no response for a long time and this track was confirmed by another label. Later after many months,we did everything possible to get it to Behrouz, because he was one of our first choices.

Are there certain Do Not Sit records that you guys still play regularly? If so, which ones?

Nhii – Yofuke no Niwa
The Slide Original Mix – Wild Dark
Modd – Vishaya

Let’s chat a bit about the pandemic. How was it in your respective countries? And did music provide great solace for you at the time?

We live in Switzerland, and fortunately in a village surrounded by mountains where we found comfort in long walks in the open air, where we found our musical inspiration. It was a constructive moment, where various knowledge of characters related to music and the desire to collaborate were born. One of these acquaintances is Milo Kairos with which we composed Sueno.

And what’s the scene like were you are now? Are things fully recovered? And do you think the governments did enough to assist the music industry during this uncertain time?

Unfortunately in Italian-Switzerland, where we live, there have been only a few good spots for electronic music for years and that’s why it’s not our priority to work here, also because we don’t easily find an audience that understands our music. However, compared to many other countries, Switzerland contributed to the various losses across all sectors.

Can you tell us a few pieces of music that have had a great impact on you over the past while? And why are you picking these tracks?

Oxygen – Jean Michel Jarre
Moby – Porcelain
Röyksopp, and many others for their uniqueness and musical revolution.

Finally, aside from this EP, what would you say is your defining piece of work if I were to introduce your music to someone who’s never heard it before?

We can hardly answer this question lightly. We have explored various shades of electronic music. We are particularly fond of Free Of Mind, Somewhere, Mona Ki Ngi Xica, Over me, The Bedouin – all tracks that somehow made us grow.

Keep up with Everything Counts on Facebook and Instagram. Everything Counts’ It’s Time is out Now. Buy/listen to the release here