Meet Fabiano Pit, the dynamic DJ-producer navigating the electronic music landscape. In this exclusive interview, we explore Fabiano’s evolution from early techno collaborations in 2005 to his current exploration of a more organic sound. Unveiling the inspiration behind his latest single ‘Change,’ we delve into his creative process during the pandemic’s closing months. Fabiano also discusses his admiration for Beatamines and shares insights into his eclectic studio practices. Check out the full interview with Deep House London below as Fabiano Pit invites us into his vibrant world of music and beyond.

Please tell us how you got into electronic music in the first place and how has your taste changed since then?

I started playing electronic music in 2005 as part of a live percussion project with another DJ friend. At the time, we played techno and acid techno at around 145 bpm. Since then, I’ve slowed down a bit, making a more organic and deeper sound.

Would you be able to tell us about your new single ‘Change’ and what inspired it?

I remember writing this track in the last months of the pandemic. I believe that at the time I was a little apprehensive about everything that was happening and happy because it seemed to be at an end. The songs end up reflecting what we are feeling at the moment because I never have a ready-made idea; I just record and experiment, and everything happens. It ends up becoming a reflection of our soul.

How did the remix from Beatamines come about? Have you always been a fan of his?

Yes, I’ve always really liked his music, and I’ve always been a big fan! When I asked him about doing the remix, he readily agreed. I was very happy, and days later he delivered this wonderful remix. When I heard it, I thought it was fantastic; it couldn’t have been better!

Who do you aspire to be like in the DJ-producer world when you’re in the studio?

I try to have as a reference producers who make music with soul and do something that is a little outside the “conventional.” I would like to mention the Brazilian Gui Boratto as one of the main references, as well as the German DominiK Eulberg, Stimming, among others.

What advice would you give to producers starting out?

The advice I believe is to produce every day possible. Of course, good things won’t always come out, as we aren’t in a good mood every day, but it’s always producing things that can happen; it’s through hard work that good songs appear; there’s no other way.

What production gear do you use when making music in your studio?

I like to get my hands on everything, recording each element exclusively for each track, so I end up having several synthesizers (some new and some more vintage), as well as microphones and acoustic percussion items, and for mixing, some equipment such as a summing mixer, equalizers, etc.

When you’re not producing in the studio what do you get up to? Do you have any other interests or hobbies?

Yes, I love cooking.

You have quite the vinyl collection! What are your top 3 favourites from the collection?

Tough question, but let’s go anyway…

Rinder & Lewis ‎– Warriors
Psycho Radio Vs L.C. Anderson – Bad Reputation
Girls On Top (2) – I Wanna Dance With Numbers

What else are you currently working on this year?

I’m making some tracks focused on the dance floor, but it’s all in the beginning.

Fabiano Pit EP “Change” incl. Beatamines Remix is out now on Art Imagination
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