Gettoblaster are a US duo with many years in the game and a whole host of successes on the resumé. Their newest single comes on Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak label so we caught up with them to find out how it came about and what’s in the pipeline for the rest of 2021…


Hey guys, how have you been, how has your year been?

What up DHL ? Hope you guys are good. Our year started off with a ton of uncertainty… but had quickly shaped into a large touring year for us.. we wanted to wait till we were vaccined before taking dates… ever since though has been very busy.

Have you been able to get together and make music same as before or done it online or what?

We live together so that’s easy… when one of us hears the beats bumpin the other one comes running 🙂

When you DJ do you go one each back to back or how does it work?

We use 4 decks , and also we use the pioneer v10 dj mixer.. which in our opinion is designed for duos. but we play together at the same time . we rip accapellas, drum loops .. we layer.

Do you both bring different influences to the music you make or have you the same sort of tastes?

Our tastes are similar as we both grew up in the warehouse rave party scene… one of us from Detroit, the other from Chicago, both sister scenes.

How did you hook up with Dim Mak?

That was interesting, they hit us up looking for a single from us.. we tossed them two ideas … then married this one.

What’s it like working with Steve Aoki’s label – have you spoken to the man himself?

We have not spoken to him about this particular deal, but we will find him soon so we can talk to him 😉

Did he give any feedback or direction on the music or just leave you to it?

They accepted the record the way we sent.

What was the inspiration for the tune?

Missy just wanted to have a series of words to run into each other like a tongue twister . but we wanted to make it memorable.. we tried so many combinations of words for that tune.

What’s next, what other projects you got in the pipeline?

Our next three projects we have coming is a collaboration with our good friend and Chicago legend DJ Deeon for DJ Haus’s label Hot Haus, a collaboration with Franklin Watts & Missy for Glasgow Underground. Then we also have a collaboration Gettoblaster & Roland Clarke on our new label Aliens On Mushrooms. These tunes will be equipped with huge remixes from Amine Edge & Dance… & Detroit legends Inner City.


Gettoblaster’s “Work It” feat Missy is out now on Dim Mak
Grab it here