Goeran Meyer is a talented DJ and Producer, who also runs the MYR label brand. With a recent release coming up on the label “Could Not Exist” that features an excellent remix from Hanna Hais, we caught up with him to find out how things are with him right now…

Hey Goeran, how are you, what’s good and bad in your world right now?

First of all, many thanks to you guys at Deep House London for the invitation and the opportunity to conduct this interview with you. I am doing very well so far. A lot of sports and 2 weeks of vacation have provided new creative input. In addition, the summer brings us great days with the possibility to visit concerts and open air events again. That makes me happy as an artist. I am grateful for many projects, great collaborations and wonderful friendships.
You have been prolific of late with your music – why is that do you think?

Music is a passion that comes from my heart. Making music is natural for me. It’s nice to see how sounds connect people and bring them together. For me, the process of letting new tracks come to life, to mix and master them is a very exciting thing – working with complexity based on experiences I collected for years. Especially in the studio this development never stops and it’s just fun. That’s the fascination of music!

How did the pandemic affect things and your creativity?

With music I associate creativity, freedom and noncommittal! Anyone can create works through the possibilities of today’s technology. It was a weird situation for all of us and our life was strongly affected by the coronavirus and the accompanying regulations.

But I was focused on releasing music on my own independent label MYR and producing music for Advertising, Film and TV. Music is my passion even in times of crises.

Where does inspiration come from for your music? Dreams, landscapes, people?

Many things apart from music give me pleasure every day. Electronic music is by my side in my every day life, by doing sports, travelling and in my car. It is a natural step for me to produce and appreciate electronic music. I love it and it gives me many great feelings and the opportunity to get to know awesome people to work with.

Especially travelling, conversations or the music of other artists inspires me very much.

Whether DJing, producing or playing live, my approach to music is to always transport you through an ever-changing landscape of audio sculptures.

What gear do you use in the studio and does that matter?

It plays a big role and is one of the most important aspects for creative sound.

Starting with a drum computer to support my DJ SET I tried to individualize my music. During the last 20 years my set up modified over and over again. I bought new instruments and I sold equipment depending on learning secrets of producing music. Currently I am satisfied with my setup. Every tool has its own character and special features. When I remember producing about ten years ago it was an unplanned trial and error process. Now I am thinking more about arranging with a strong love in details.

My studio is a mixture of analog synthesizers, hardware devices and various digital plugins that I combine with Ableton Live. For the optimal sound, my studio monitors are tuned and adapted to the room. All my equipment is available on the fly at my desk and invites to spontaneous jamming and recording.

A 32 channel converter gives me the option to connect my analog gear and loop as individual tracks from Ableton Live. My mixdown run from the beginning of a production into an analog tube summing mixer unit and are bundled to a 2 channel stereo sum. After summing the sound goes into a selfmade EQ from Steffen Müller Custom Audio Germany. With the EQ the mono and stereo sum can be processed. After EQ, the signal goes into the SSL Fusion to add width and warmth. Then the sound goes back into Ableton for recording.

When processing the individual tracks, 500 EQ´s devices from Elysia and Ocean Audio by Malcom Toft are also used, as well as effects devices from Strymon.

How did you work with the vocalist on your new track? Who wrote the words?

The vocals of the new EP “Could Not Exist” which will be released on MYR on 05.08.2022 come from a sample library. I really liked the vocal track when I listened to it, so it ended up keeping its place in the mix.

And how important are the words vs the sounds of the voice?

Very important!

After a few days in the studio, the individual phrases have to fit perfectly into the sound. On both versions the original and the remix by Hanna Häis the vocals add a focused and driving aspect to the sounds and groove. So far we have received a lot of positive feedback on the release and especially on the versions with the vocals.

Tell us about your work as an audio sculptor?

In my early teens I started listening to various musical genres from hip hop to reggae to techno and to house. I really learned to love electronic music by visiting the Loveparade in Berlin. I was inspired by the music and the culture – and still am. I was captivated by the dancing crowd full of energy and passion. It’s amazing to see people feeling free and lucky only with music. After visiting many festivals and parties, I organized mind-blowing events with friends in our home town.

I have never thought about being a producer or DJ, it came naturally. The idea of producing my own music was grown step by step over the last 20 years. In the beginning it was just collecting and playing vinyls with friends. Inspired by the sounds of our idols I started doing my own music production. By experimenting with music, I got to know the creative processes and gained experiences that help me in my home studio or by playing live today.

Looking back to 2016 when I started my independent label MYR and the upcoming 26th release I am proud that I took this step. At MYR we don’t care about the pressure of time.

The key is that a release feels perfectly complete and matches the label and its philosophy. We wait until a project feels right and ready to be released. The main focus on our new release “Could Not Exist” which comes up in August with a great remix by Parisian Hanna Haïs was to create a percussive rolling sound and deep grooves that still have lightness and a certain melancholy.

What else have you got coming up?

It remains exciting. Until the end of the year, every fourth Tuesday of the month from 18-19 my radio show “Save Me From The Unknown” will be played on IBIZA Club News Radio. There will also be monthly DJ sets on my SoundCloud channel.

There are two more releases planned for this year on MYR: In September the single “Hypnotise” from Bali based artist Scotty Cal and for the end of the year my release “Mirror of Speaking”.

Along the way I’m working on mastering and mixing jobs that reach me via social media and the MYR homepage.

I don’t want to reveal too much, but it’s definitely worth to stay updated. You can get more infos on the website or our social media.


Stay Ahead!

What was the last record you bought and why?

My last record I bought myself was after a concert visit in Frankfurt. The indie rock band “Balthazar” from Belgium had played a catch-up date for their Sand tour there in June.

Goeran Meyer’s “Could Not Exist” is out on August 5th on MYR
Grab it here