Goose Tann is a Lebanon based artist/producer who is also the owner of the label Atlandisk Music. With a new 14 track VA compilation on the label out, we caught up with Goose to find how the compilation came to be, and his plans for the label for the foreseeable future…

Hey Goose, how are you, what’s good and bad in your world right now?

Hello ! First of all, thank you very much for having me! From a positive perspective I have to say that this year was full of huge beautiful steps concerning my career in the music industry. The more negative side and reality I live each single minute and day on the other hand is that my country Lebanon after a foregone revolution in 2019, the big blast in our harbour in 2020 and a constant deflation of our currency have put not only me, but the whole country in a very bad situation. But still everyone is here, doing their best to survive, to keep it up and to shine a light.

Tell us about your label Atlandisk Music – what is the sound, what do you want it to be known for?

Atlandisk Music was an idea I was harboring inside of me for quite a long time now. With it I want to bring forward a new, fresh and beautiful music with our signature sound in peak time techno called ‘Cosmic Techno’. I am particularly drawn to this kind of techno, coming and being inspired from the old school psytrance and goa scene. This kind of techno is a means to bring highly driven atmospheres and melodic parts into blasting techno grooves, taking the crowd and listeners away from the constant industrial forms and lifting them into higher dimensions, but still keeping the techno pure and rumble.

Do you do label parties? Is merch and artwork important, and format of releases and so on?

I used to make a lot of parties and bookings for amazing artists and friends in Beirut. Those parties were all organised under different titles and managements. I am planning on launching our first label showcase in Beirut after our first V/A releases will be on all platforms, and of course I am planning to take the label and its music abroad, with diverse label showcases around the globe.

The Artwork of the label is an essential part of the label. Our logo design and brand name Atlandisk Music with the trident in its middle as a powerful symbol and meaning. The Trident is a very ancient and sacred symbol, and was commonly used in ancient times in India, Mesopotamia and Europe. The three- pronged spear is the symbol of Poseidon, the ancient Greek god of the sea. But also it is known as the weapon of Shiva. As you can see from our first V/A release Poseidon is its centre holding the trident up high resting his hand on a turtle to take the listeners, (mortal one) into his realms.

The format of our releases is planned to be special EP’s or V/A releases. We will focus on quality releases that will bring a story to the listener.

Merchandising is also an essential part that is planned to be rolled out in the future. Right now we are concentrating first on building our brand and brand recognition to our target audience.

Tell us about your new Echoes from the Hills of Atlantis V/A release – what is the thinking behind it?

This VA includes 14 tracks from 14 different artists , going with the concept of the label to be presenting the 14 Greek gods and goddesses. The V/A is the comiled musical re-interpretation of the “Theogony” telling the story of the universe’s journey from nothingness ( chaos, a primeval void) to Being. Echoes of the Hills of Atlantis contains 14 epic tracks that represent an elaborate family tree of elements, gods and goddesses, who evolved from Chaos and descended to Gaia (Earth) , Ouranos (Sky), Ponto (Sea) and Tartaros (the Underworld)

How did you choose who to have on the compilation? What was the aim?

I decided to invite all my friends and producers that I met over the past couple of years and who I value most to create this beautiful tour de force of a V/A , full of big tunes that can make even the universe hear and enjoy it.

Tell us about your own tunes – what inspires them, what’s your own signature sound and style?

My music does not stop on one genre. I get inspired by many different things in my life, that can be another artist, something I saw or felt in nature, some experience I had or things I see or sometimes the things that happen to me on an emotional level. I go to create or to make what comes to my head to turn me into the right state of mind to create. I do ambient, chill out, melodic techno and mainly what I play and I produce is peak-time techno or what I call ‘Cosmic Techno’

What gear do you use and does that matters to you? Are you a gear head?

I use what I have: Roland Tr8 , Roland Handsonic , Behringer Td3 , Behringer Model D , Akai Apc40 , Maschine 1 , M-Audio Oxygene 25 & 49 , Allen&heath ME-1 , KRK Rokit 8 .Etc…

This Is Part Of My Setup, the spaceship where I sit to go in another dimension creating my music and enjoy my beautiful gear as I am a gear head.

What is the most important lesson you have learnt in your career so far?

Find Your Right Sounds And Don’t Stop getting caught up in one genre . Keep Moving Forward.

What else have you got coming up?

For now i’m so happy and excited to be the 1st artist from Lebanon and for me as the 1st time to be joining ADE 2022 in the coming October. I can’t wait for this day and from the other side were preparing for the label showcase as I said before looking forward to having a huge gig.

Once again, thank you for having me!

Pre-Order here “Echoes from the Hills of Atlantis” compilation released on Atlandisk Music