We sit down with Dallas born DJ and producer HouseGoBoom to celebrate his latest release on Future Freaks Records. We discuss inspirations, his studio, his ideal surroundings when playing, and of course his sound….

How are you, how has the year been so far?

I’m doing great! It’s been a busy year so far, but busy is good. I’ve been juggling shows on the weekend along with producing as much music as I possibly can.

Introduce yourself to us for those who don’t know

My name’s HouseGoBoom and I’m a DJ and producer that’s born and raised out of Dallas, Texas. I produce house music and have previous releases on labels such as Future Freaks, Safe Music, Distance Music, Hausa Groove, and Total Freedom Recordings, to name a few.

What inspired and influenced the new release on Future Freaks Records?

Take Your Time was inspired by my love for club oriented house music. I wanted something a bit more stripped back with a powerful bass line that would work well on the dance floor. It’s got a driving energy behind it which I think really allows it to stand out against other tracks you’ll hear in this setting. Ay Papi was all in the name of my love for Latin inspired tech, and I really focused on getting the drums and groove right on this one.

What is your current studio setup like? What gear, hardware and software is in it?

My studio set up is fairly simple – I produce with Ableton 11 and use synths such as Serum, Diva and more recently, Omnisphere. I’ve only recently begun scratching the surface with the latter, and it’s an absolute beast. I love all of the FabFilter stuff, and anything by Sound Toys or Waves. As for now, I don’t use any hardware as the analogue emulating stuff is so good these days and I like to be able to produce anywhere I go. For speakers, I’m a huge fan of Adam Audio and recently added one of their subs to accompany my studio monitors – it made all the difference when it comes to mixing low end.

What draws you to this raw house vibe? When did you get into that sound?

I think like most people, I started off in the “shallow end” and worked my way in over time. I started off listening to EDM in general, and then somewhere along the way found house and didn’t turn back. I’m a fan of tons of different genres of music, but always tend to lean towards the underground/alternative side of whichever genre I’m listening to.

Are you thinking about setting, clubs, dancers when making tune for just your own emotions?

I think that it changes for every track. Sometimes, you’ll feel a hit of inspiration and ideas will start flowing based on a particular vibe you’re feeling. But either way, I’m always writing tracks with the dance floor in mind.

What scene did you grow up around in dallas, is there one?

The first place that comes to mind when I think back is “It’ll Do” in Dallas. It’s been around for 50+ years and is truly a staple within the Dallas house music scene. This venue undoubtedly helped shape my love for house music during my “formative” years. It has an unmistakable energy and vibe to it as soon as you step inside. It’s got an old school feel with character, and embodies what house music is all about. The Dallas scene has gotten stronger and stronger as of recent, and after-party events such as “Voltage After Hours” and “Pocos Locos” are really helping push that scene forward. It seems like just a few years ago that house music was still on the fringe, but now it’s become a big part of the Dallas music scene.

Where is your best environment as a dj? A small dark club or a huge outdoor festival stage? Late night energy or early so you can play slow and eclectic?

My absolute favorite environment to play in is a dark club or afters, with full blown late night energy. I’m at my happiest as a DJ when I can play more underground tunes that I wouldn’t always be able to play at more “main-stage” type events, etc. I love being able to experiment with underground sounds, and I love the idea of playing an underground set where the audience has likely never heard any of the tracks that I’m playing that night before.

And when making music, what are your aims, what sounds are you most found of, what is the aim of your tunes?

I really love anything that gets people dancing and sounds different. I’m always experimenting with new sounds, and the spectrum of house music these days is far and wide. There’s so much good music out there at the moment that lends itself to endless inspiration. Right now I’m loving everything from Bibi’s imprint, Solid Grooves, to Hot Creations or Deeperfect, all the way over to Repopulate Mars. There’s just a ton of great labels out there putting out quality music right now. It’s a great time for house music, without a doubt.

What else have you got coming up?

As of recent, I’ve been having fun with making remixes and edits to throw in my live sets, and expect to start releasing those soon. I also have several releases on record labels scheduled throughout the year, so be sure to keep an eye out for those. My main focus is always producing new music and it’s what I’m the most passionate about by far. Also, we’ve got plans to throw our own event and bring on some big name DJ’s soon, more on that later!!

HouseGoBoom EP “Take Your Time” is out now on Future Freaks Records
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