Indira Paganotto is a Madrid based DJ/Producer really making a huge mark on the electronic music world right now! With releases coming soon on Second State, we decided now was a good time to catch up with her and talk about her production process, her Spanish roots and identity, and what’s coming up for her over the rest of 2021…


Hey Indira, how are you, what’s good and bad in your world right now?

Hi guys!! I send you a big greeting from the mountains of Madrid!
Right now in the transition from a pandemic to a supposed normal life, in my opinion there is a bad thing that the continuous doubt hovers over whether we are going to be able to start DJing and touring normally, or if everything will suddenly be blocked again and we will return to this nightmare about a virus mutation.

The good news is that after an extraordinary extreme situation things always come out and develop, and progress and evolve towards another language. There are artists who have not been able to cope these months and have decided to start other projects, and others who have fought against thick and thin and have become stronger, and these coming years are those that will take off and make themselves seen on the scene.

How have you survived the last year? What helped to get you through it?

Living in the mountains away from everything has made me experience this situation in a very light way. Apart from the fact that all the tours and gigs were canceled, I was passionate about the idea of not leaving home and entering my world, my bubble more than I thought! I could be in the studio making music and researching new sounds without schedules and pressures, and that made me develop a new and personal language. It is a timeless and strong passion that I have for music, my father introduced me to it because he was a DJ in Goa, India in the 90s, but it has not been until this last year where a desire to create has really exploded within my brain. Create and create that is only what I want!!

In addition to making music, I had time to create my own record label ARTCORE Records, which also includes merchandising and art.

Where do you stand on the people playing plague raves?

Government didn’t leave many options to socialize and clear the mind in a “legal” way, making the clubs open with their security measures, etc, so people have felt compelled to create illegal raves! Is normal and human.

Does being from Spain mean you have a certain style, certain sounds that makes your music different to that of say someone from Germany or the US?

I have never really identified my sound as from “Madrid” or “Spain”. I come from a musical heritage based on Psytrance and classical music, and I have been influencing myself in these 10 years of career by my travels around the world, but always with my religion in the bottom of my soul: the Psytrance! In addition, I have always had a special curiosity and passion for Japanese culture and flamenco, so I really wanted to mix those two musical genres, in the new productions you will be able to appreciate it!

Tell us about your new track “Katsumi” on Second State – what inspired it?

For a long time I wanted to make a song that did not have a 4×4 rhythm and that seemed more like a movie song than a dance song, I really like dnb so I have tried to create a different rhythm than what I am used to producing! Always with my romantic and hypnotic halo that characterizes me of course, touches of Psytrance and rare cuts accompanied by the Japanese vocals that give it a warm and personal texture!

What gear did you use to write it? Are you bothered about the tools you have?

My studio is quite simple, I’m not a big fan of collecting so when I find a machine that I feel comfortable with, I can spend years with it in the studio! What I’m using the most now in my productions is the Nord Lead for almost all synth and lead lines, I make texture and rhythm with the delay and echo from the Roland Boss RE-20 Space Echo, one of my favorite machines in the studio. For Basslines I usually use Acidlab Bassline Mk2 Synth – Roland TB303 Analogue Synthesiser Clone or the Moog Minitaur together with Roland’s space echo. And for the Kicks and percussions I recently bought the Roland Tr8 , although I really prefer my old tube Korg electribe ESX-1!! It’s a rough and particular sound perfect for techno.

Do you make tunes to play in your own DJ sets, are the two related like that?

That’s right, and I also usually add Japanese or Flamenco vocals .

Has it been weird making music with no club feedback, no DJ experiences?

Not really, because when I produce I do it to heal my mind and body, it is like a hypnotic ritual in which I enter a literal trance state and I can spend more than 10 hours without going out or eating, just making music! The irony is that it has flowed more than when I had gigs! Because I have been 100% with myself, and I have a very complex inner world so I have been able to investigate in almost all the recesses of my mind hahahah the result is immensely positive and you can hear it in these months in the new EPs!

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

This July will be out my Track “Katsumi” , that will be released in the Second State in a compilation.

August will be the month where I will give birth to my new EP “Red Ninja” in Second State, in which I have the great happiness of having an amazing remix of Shlomi Aber. This EP has 4 originals and 1 remix, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

As for gigs, you can see me play at Awakenings, as well as several Tours in Latin America, the US, Asia and Europe!

If you can’t wait to see me playing , you can enjoy my latest streaming’s on my YouTube Channel and you can listen to all the chapters of my monthly residency at Maximum Radio Paris FG on my SoundCloud, it’s at the end of the month and now I’ll start having guests like this you can’t miss it!


You can grab Indira’s “Katsumi” on Second State




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