We sit down with Jossie Telch to celebrate his latest LP ‘Blueprint’. We discuss his journey into electronic music, the inspiration behind his album, the last record that blew his mind and more…

Hey Jossie, how are you, what have been the highlights of your 2023 so far?

Hello and thank you.

I’ve been happy. Embracing my move from Mexico to Quebec Canada. Excited to be making music in the forest.

How did you first get into electronic music, where and when?

I got into electronic music back in 1997ish.

First while traveling in San Francisco and experiencing the rave scene there. And as soon as I landed in Mexico and told my friends about my experience, I was taken to my first trance party. Been in love ever since.

What was it like for your first release to go into the top of the Beatport charts?

It was quite a surprise, I wasn’t expecting it at all. Was a definite boost of motivation to keep going.

Did it add pressure next time you went into the studio?

Indeed it did. But I always try to ignore those things and focus on inspiration and hard work.

Tell us about your new album Blueprint – whats the design behind it? What sound would you call it?

Good question. Hard to answer.

The design behind it is whatever has developed inside me, or how I’ve developed as a producer. I try to keep trends away from what’s influencing me and rather focus on what’s inside, tap to the source and see what comes out.

I hate putting a title or brand to my music as I think it shifts from styles. But somewhere between Psy Tech and Prog Tech, but I might be wrong.

What influenced and inspired it – what did you want to say with the music?

Definitely inspired by the present. Having moved, getting married, experiencing a new life in a new place, were the fuel of inspiration to go into a new studio and just see what comes out.

There is a definite line to be followed between tracks, couldn’t be able to put it in words. I guess it’s just better to listen and find the common ground. At the same time I aimed at making the tracks quite different from one another and showcase a variety of grooves, sound design techniques etc.

Are you a gearhead? What is your studio set up like?

I am a gearhead, but life has taught me that the best gear is the one you have at the moment. I went from having a toft ATB 24 mixer with vintech pre, Nord Lead 3 Nocation Ks4 etc, to the very basics

In this move I made to Canada I had to let go of most of my gear and start from scratch.

What gear did you use in the making of it?

– Antelope Zen  Tour Sound card
– Focal ClearMG Pro Monitoring
– Adam S3A WIth Adam 10 inch sub on “Tones” and “On Soft Ground”
– Nord Lead3
– Tons of soft synths and processors

What music do you listen to outside of the electronic spectrum?

I’m very broad when it comes to music styles. I believe there’s good and bad music in all genres. So I stay away from what I consider bad music. And gravitate to the good stuff regardless of the  style. I love a good jazz tune as much as I love grunge or techno.

What do you like to do to relax outside of DJing and producing?

I live by a lake, so I spend a lot of time there, love to hike, climb.

I enjoy taking it easy.

What’s next for you?

Keep making music and touring for sure!

What was the last record you heard that blew your mind?

Fat Freddie’s Drop’s new stuff is amazing. Highly recommend.

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