Over the last few years, Juany Bravo has seen Beatport chart-topping releases on labels such as Saved Records, Kittball Records, Toolroom Records, Cr2, Stealth Records, Lapsus Music and more, so his studio expertise is clear to see. Now with a recent collab track with BLENT, feat. the excellent vocals of Starving Yet Full just out on elrow Music, we spoke to him to talk about how the collaboration came about, and what his plans are for the rest of 2021…

Hey Juany, how are you, how has your summer been so far?

Hey, thanks so much for having me! I am doing great! Summer has been awesome so far, can’t really complain!

Have you started playing again post lockdowns? What’s it been like? The vibes, the big tunes?

Yes I have. I was based in Moscow for the last two years, so the lockdown wasn’t as long for us there, as it was in a lot of other places. We started seeing parties and artists coming through towards February or March of this year. But even then, it was still really nice to be able to get back on the dancefloor with everyone, and rave again. One of the silver linings to the lockdown was that artists were able to focus more on music, and I think there have been so many good tracks that have been released since this whole situation kicked off. It was really fun to finally be able to play some of those tunes to a live audience.

How much did the pandemic and being at home alter the style of music you made and its mood and vibe?

Even before the pandemic I started moving my sound and style to a deeper, more mature sound, and being at home really helped me focus on creating music that wasn’t just for DJs to play at clubs, but also for the everyday listener to be able to enjoy. I started experimenting with new vibes, and genres, and really trying to express myself through my productions. I think it became important to me as an artist to really tell a story with my music, and try to create timeless tracks.

How did your new one on elrow come about? Have you played the party before?

Yes, I’ve played the elrow parties a couple times before, once in Bangkok, and once in Phuket. So, “Talk 2 Me” came about after I met BLENT and Starving Yet Full in Moscow. I signed one of their songs to my record label, Music is 4 Lovers, and we started talking about getting in the studio and making something. It took us about seven or eight months to actually finish the track, and then I sent it off to De la Swing, and he instantly fell in love with it.

How did you link with BLENT for this one and why did you want to?

As I mentioned before I knew I instantly wanted to work with BLENT after signing one of their tracks to MI4L. I sat in on a studio session with them as they were writing a new track, and I was astounded at how talented these guys were. So, BLENT is actually the collab project between Intermedium and Starving yet Full.

And vocalist – Starving Yet Full – how did you hook up, who wrote the vocals? Are the lyrics themselves important?

I met Cedric (SYF) in Moscow, as he was also based there. We were introduced in a nightclub by a friend in common, she told me he was a singer, and when he mentioned he was a member of Azari & III my jaw dropped, and my first question was “Wait, so you’re the voice on ‘Hungry For The Power’?” From that moment on we hit it off, and became really good friends. We worked on quite a few projects together, and one of those was “Talk 2 Me”. The vocals were written by Cedric and I. We have a really good dynamic when we write songs together, and once we get in the studio and he begins flowing, I just feed into the vibe and help with the lyrics. Yes, the lyrics are very important for this track. We wanted to make sure they told a story, and were relatable. We must have gone over the lyrics a dozen times before we were happy with the final result.

And what inspired the music? What was the aim, what gear did you use, when and where did you write it?

We went in with a completely blank slate, but I had it in my mind that I wanted to create something that gave the listener that summer vibe. I wanted to make a song that everyone would want to sing along with, and something that would just instantly lift your mood. From there we just started experimenting, and jamming, and what you hear now is what we were able to come up with. We recorded the song at GR8 studio in Moscow, which is run by BLENT. As far as gear goes, we used a groovebox, a couple Roland synths and drum machines, and recorded everything into Ableton. I think we started writing the track sometime in the beginning of 2020, and as I mentioned before, it took us about 8 months to get the final product ready.

Did you make it with playing the elrow party in mind?

To be honest, I always have a mental picture of what my tracks would sound like being played at elrow haha. So yes, definitely had that in mind.

What else have you got coming up/are you looking forward to?

Currently I am in the USA, and just had two gigs in Arizona, and now I am heading to play a gig in Pacific Beach, then in LA. After that I am going to be based in Mexico City for the foreseable future, so we are working on dates in Mexico and South America for this year.

As far as releases go, I have quite a few things coming up. I have a remix for Starving Yet Full coming out on 4NCY in August, I also have a collab EP with ANATTA coming out on my own label Music is 4 Lovers at the end of August. I have another track with ANNATTA coming out on Tough Love’s Get Twisted in September, and at the end of September I have a single coming out on Nervous Records. Finally, in October I have a single coming out on Malone’s Hurry Up Slowly. So, definitely going to be a stacked summer!


Juany Bravo’s collab track with BLENT feat. Starving Yet Full “Talk 2 Me” is out now on elrow Music
Grab it here