Klement Bonelli is a French dj and producer with releases on the likes Rebirth, Selador and his own label Tinnit Music. Now with a new LP “Resurgences” out now on his label, we spoke to him to find out about the LP process, and how it came to be…

Hey Klement – how are you, how has 2021 been for you?

Hey! I’m very well thank you, and very excited with the release of the album. I spent so much time on this project! It was ready for a long time, and it was supposed to be out in July 2021, but the pandemic changed the plans, and we waited for the best moment! We held on and waited, releasing a few singles before the full album, but now it’s about time to go ahead! 2021 has been extremely complicated, with a lot of gigs cancelled during the summer, and job opportunities which only came back at the end of June. Each country decides differently, and from those differences, it’s very hard to work, organize and plan strategies. I had the chance to play some very cool gigs recently, and all I can say is that the energy and vibe is amazing everywhere, but this globally had to be a year to show patience. The French Prime Minister just decided clubs had to close again!

How was the pandemic for you and what affect did it have on your music taste and style?

This has been a very difficult moment, honestly, especially in the beginning, but it finally gave me more motivation than ever! I took time to analyse mistakes I may have done before, things I had to professionally change. Musically it didn’t change anything in my style and taste. The pandemic just gave me the power and energy to give everything and to work harder on my projects.

Where does the impulse to create something come from for you? What role do sources of inspiration like dreams, other forms of art, personal relationships, politics etc play?

I am a very emotional and receptive person; I’m getting a lot of informations, so the inspiration always comes very easily. I can say I’m very lucky, I have new ideas most of the time. I’m getting informations everywhere, in movies, during my travels, walking down the street, at the restaurant, or even in different styles of music like US Hip Hop! I always had a strong passion with street art, pop art culture, and streetwear fashion. Sometimes the images from those universes and forms of arts can be a kind of inspiration for my music. My personal relationships, friends or entourage don’t really have a role in my inspiration. I’m not a man who is easily influenced, all the more in my creative process.

Why did you want to do an LP, what inspired or influenced it?

This idea came very naturally and progressively during the first lockdown. I produced a lot of music during that period, and found a sound, an identity, a vibe that I decided to develop. The album is full of memories, moments, influences, emotions, that I felt in the past and that came back during the process and production. That’s why the album is called « Resurgences ». It was about time for me to release all those emotions and ideas and show them to the world. For example, Track 13 « Last Song is a reverie, something I imagined back in 2011 a Summer in Ibiza, and that I only produced 9 years later.

Any key gear used in the making of it – does that matter to you?

I used a lot Andromeda A6 for this one. Basically I’m not a lot about equipments, and I don’t have a studio with tonnes of machines. I prefer to go to the essential! What I like is to create, and you can create with only a few things! I’m not a studio and equipment geek, I prefer to have a few things and to know how they work to create, instead of loosing time trying unnecessary new tools….but I always have a look to the new machines and technologies, just in case =).

Is the LP a continuation of your usual style or have you switched it up?

It is defintely a continuation of what I am doing since 2005 with my Track Ethna. It is a combination of Melodic Deep house vibes with techy energetic beats, hypnotic basses and spiritual synths. This time I introduced more vocals, with Coco, Che Cherry and Saundhaus who gave a kind of modern Pop feel and touch to it. The likes of South African stars Thandi Draai, Lizwi and Idd Aziz from Nigeria appear on more moving house tracks with night sky melodies.

This album is sounding like a kind of follow up and an extension to my sound signature present in the remixes and singles I released since 2018, « SO HI, Nuits Pluvieuses, Citadelle », my secret remix of Kanye West Hold my Liquor, or my remix of Toshi or Lizwi « On Me »…).

Was there a plan for it from the start, did you know how you wanted it to sound?

The music signature, the style, was the only plan from the start for this album. I knew how I wanted it to sound, but I discovered the emotional direction, the message, and the sensibility later and progressively during the production of this journey. The key point was the track Mamy Blue. All the Tracklist, the concept of the album and the athmosphere is turning around this one.

How did you find the process? Fun or torture? Will you do it again?

Fun for sure, Music must always be fun. The most complicated thing was to select the tracks. I produced and composed it as a journey, with initially more than 25 tracks, but I realized it was too long. The torture has been to remove and clear away some of the tracks and I remember I had long conversations with my publisher and friends about those difficult choices. And once you think everything is ok and you have the final track list, you realize this instrumental was better for this singer, and you restart everything! For this I want to thank Coco for her patience!
Albums are very important, it’s the best way to express yourself, to tell something and show who you are, and to close a cycle and move forward, so yes I’ll do it again.

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

Now that the album is out I’m gonna focus on my label Tinnit Music. I have a lot of new exciting signatures to come from USA, South America and South Africa. I want it be an accessible platform to receive and help new talents and their influences, energy and positive vibes, making links internationally. The Label is open to all the artists with a philosophy of sharing and who sound close to our identity. I have received a lot of remixing requests, so I’m going to study them and will probably plan 2 or 3 remixes for the beginning of 2022.

Also, I will always focus on my label Tinnit Music, but I recently got some interesting offers and collab requests from other artists and labels, so you should see me on a few other labels in 2022 too. I have in mind to launch a new label before the Summer 2022, and last but not least you should see me producing and Djing under another Alias with which I’ll express my techy side and experiment new ideas, to complement Klement Bonelli.

What hopes and dreams do you have for 2022?

My dreams and my expectations are my best kept secrets, but what I can say is that I just do everything to live the dreams.


Stream Klement Bonelli LP “Resurgences” released on Tinnit Music Here