Konflict is a London based party collective ran by 3 artists – Antares, Auric, Balzar. They’ve now decided to start up the label side of the brand, and do it in some style with the first release ANAUBA, that comes out today! We spoke to the guys recently to find out how they met, and why they decided now was the perfect time to launch the label…

Hey guys, how are you, what’s good and bad in your world right now in 2022?

Hello everyone, we’re all good thank you! 2022 has been really good to us so far and we’ve got some exciting events coming up for the rest of the year, and obviously extremely excited to launch the label and release our own music.

How was the pandemic for you and what affect did it have on your music taste and style?

We actually look back at the pandemic with a lot of positivity, we learned a lot individually as well as a collective. Musically for us it was the beginning of the journey of the record label side of Konflict, and of course having a bit of an unplanned break from our events meant we could fully focus on the label and our own productions.

When did you all first meet, and why did you decide to work together? Why does it work?

We all come from different cities, paths in life, so the only thing we can say it comes down to is fate. The more we explore the possibilities of what we can achieve together, the more it solidifies the fact it was all meant to be.

Who does what, do you each have your own sound? Do you all bring different backgrounds?

Huw (Antares) is the Founder & Managing Director of Konflict. Moritz (Auric) is the original resident of Konflict and in charge of the label and Brian (Balzar) is the creative director and takes care of all the art direction of the brand. Fundamentally we’re on a similar path in terms of sound, the sound of our brand, but we definitely have our own unique styles within that.

Why is now the right time to start the label? What will be its sound?

When we started Konflict in 2017, we always knew that eventually we wanted to create and release our own music, our own sound. As mentioned, before the pandemic allowed us to fully focus on starting the label, opening our own studio and getting creative together as well as individuals,

In terms of sound we’ve definitely created our own identity over the years, somewhere between melodic techno and progressive, melodic progressive if you like!

What is the plan for it? Will it just be for you to release on?

We’ve obviously got the 3 of us as resident artists, but we wanted to welcome a wider circle of artists that are part of the family, play for our events etc, so the label is for us to release on exclusively as well as the artists that are part of our crew.

How much does living in london and partying there influence your sound and the music you like and play?

In London we’re privileged to have a diverse scene and incredible venues all around us to see some of our favourite artists, as well as play with them on a regular basis, so I think being a part of that always gives us a lot of inspiration for our own events and sound in general!

Regarding the first EP, what was each of your inspiration for it?

We wanted to start the label with an EP that showcased the 3 of us together as well as individually. The “ANAUBA” releases are something we’ve planned to do regularly throughout the year. Ventus was one of the first tracks we made together and always knew deep down it was meant to kick off the label for us, and individually balanca, ametista and orgaplane are 3 tracks that we all believe showcases our sound individually.

What gear do you use currently, does that matter to you?

In terms of performing we’re all 3 huge fans of the Xone 96, luckily.. so that’s our mixer, with an RMX1000 and 4 CDJ’s.

In the studio there’s still a bit of a Logic vs Ableton debate going on haha.., but we like using both, we generally use Native Instruments hardware, Maschine and the Kontrol S49, and our Moog (Subsequent 37) is a nice little addition to the studio!

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

Label wise after our first release we have the Higher Land VA coming up which KONFLICT.LIVE stream which just came out on YouTube is based on. Then another ANAUBA Release with our track Feitico featuring Hannah Murrell as well as 1 individual track each again, and then a series of individual EP’s before another VA and livestream before the end of the year.

Events wise next up for us we have season 3 of our Festa do Sol rooftop events coming up in London kicking off on the 21st of May, which have been incredible these last few years. Also, Konflict Mykonos for our second summer together with our friends from Volt Milan, managing the Sanctus club in Mykonos. 2022 will be also the launch of our Konflict Ibiza events revealed in the next few days.. and of course our bigger events and label showcases towards the last quarter of the year when we return to London!

Auric, Balzar, Antares (UK) EP “ANAUBA” is out now on Konflict Records
Grab it here