Ky William is a NYC based DJ/Producer really causing a storm on the scene right now with his great releases on the likes of Deeperfect, his own label Andhera Records, and his new one “House Record” on Dutch imprint NEED Music. We caught up with him recently to find out more and see what’s coming in the future…

Hey Ky, how are you, what’s good and bad in your world?

I’m currently at a point in my life where I feel like everything is going exactly how I wanted it to be when I started pursuing music seriously about 2 years ago. I’m constantly surrounded by a great group of friends / family who are consistently assisting me in reaching my goals, very supportive people. No bad here at the moment, hoping to keep that going!

What’s life in the US like right now, how open is the country, does life feel normal?

To be totally honest, most of the USA has adapted to the ongoing world issue of dealing with covid. In NYC where I live the scene is alive and healthy. Every day I see another event announcement and it makes me very happy to see everyone is back to work and out of the house. It almost feels like life here in NYC is back to normal and I feel very fortunate because of this.

How much has the last year affected the music you have made, the style and sound of it?

I love this question, it definitely has raised my interest in the deeper sounds as most of the music I have been listening to has been at home. Throughout the lockdown I kept away from the traditional club bangers and focused on incorporating a mixture of jazz, funk, and old school hip hop, all of which have helped influence my music. In a lot of ways this has helped shape my current sound and given me a lot of new ways to enjoy and explore music.

Where is your best environment as a dj? A small dark club or a huge outdoor festival stage? Late at night for the weirdos or early so you can play slow and eclectic etc etc

I actually have no preference on the environment. Festival, club, after-hours all hold a very special place in my heart. It is actually amazing to me that the music we create can be played at all 3 places for 3 different vibes. If I HAD to choose I think the smaller rooms would be it for me. I really do enjoy connecting with people on a personal level and usually it gives me the opportunity to interact with everyone there before and after my set.

Where does the impulse to create something come from for you? What role do sources of inspiration like dreams, other forms of art, personal relationships, politics etc play?

There isn’t really a time where I’m lacking the inspiration to create. All I think about is making music 24/7. Everything is my inspiration.

 Tell us about your new one on NEED “House Record” – where and when was it written?

Robin and Tim from NEED had reached out to me to send them over some music back in February earlier this year. It’s always a good feeling when a label specifically reaches out to you and asks for music but what made them stand out is that I could tell they had taken to understanding the music I have been making..

What inspired or influenced it, did you have a certain context in mind when making it?

In my mind, when a label requests a release there is a synergy between the sounds of the artist and the label. After doing some digging through the label I had a great idea of where I wanted to go with it. I wanted to try something completely different with this one. The lead synth in this is a great example of the kind of experimenting I was going for.

What gear do you use in the studio to make your music and does that matter to you?

I produce everything on my laptop and headphones. I don’t use any external gear, just a few plugins here and there. The headphones I use are the sennheiser hd 300’s, I’ve created every single song I’ve ever written with them (these are essentially family to me at this point lol). I am a firm believer in sticking to what you know and do best. If you can get used to producing on a laptop and headphones you can produce from anywhere in the world at any time which I see as very valuable.

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

The last year has been really hard on everyone, including myself, but I made the absolute best of it by banging out endless hours in the studio I wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to do. In this time I’ve created some of my favorite music to date coming out on:

Deeperfect, Andhera, Short Circuit, Cozy Trax, and Minimal Nest.

My record labels Andhera and Short Circuit are flourishing with a long list of upcoming releases that I’m really excited to announce.

Additionally, I have a handful of gigs coming up in the near future. In October alone I have a showcase for my label Short Circuit, I’m headlining an unannounced show in Brooklyn, touring a bit in Peru, and throwing a Halloween party with Yousef at the Williamsburg Hotel ballroom.

Ky William’s “House Record” is out now on NEED Music
Grab it here