Luke Garcia is a Spanish based artist who has already had successful releases on the likes of Diynamic, Innervisions and Renaissance. Now with his track “Whispers” coming on Diynamic’s sister label 2DIY4, we caught up with him to discuss a little more how he works in the studio and what he has coming up for rest of the year…

Hey Luke, how are you, whats good and bad for you in 2023 so far?

At the moment on a professional level very well. I have taken a lot of inspiration in winter and I am making a lot of new music that will be released at the end of this year. Last year was a year with good releases and very creative… I worked on several releases and made several collabs. On a personal level, always surrounded by my family and good friends, I do sports 4 days a week and I maintain a very routine and calm life in the countryside.

How did you hook up with 2diy4 – does the label give feedback on your music?

When I composed Whisper, the first option to show it was 2Diy4, as it seemed like a track that fit perfectly with the essence that I had in mind about the releases of Diynamic’s little sister in the past. For me it was a label that I have always had in mind in the last 10 years because they release very romantic, exclusive and magical music. They didn’t take long to answer me and keep the track. From then until today when it finally goes on sale, I have had a lot of dealings with Diynamic. They are very professional.

What gear do you use in the studio and does that matter?

Really, for almost 2 years now I have been working on my tracks with a mix of hardware synths and I rely a lot on Omnisphere and some modular ones with which I record sounds that I later synthesize and manage to my liking.

I think that currently there are digital synths that are so accomplished that they help a lot to achieve unique sounds. But it is true that the hardware will always have a certain plus of exclusive and unique sound.

Where do you start on a tune? Always the bad or keys or melody or?

Many times you come across a melody trying to do something else… an idea comes to you even while driving the car, or playing with my children. I have very strong inspiration processes when I go up the mountain, having direct contact with nature gives me many good ideas to later carry them out in the studio. Then I play chords on the piano and from there I build melodies… everything is normally very intuitive.

What is your signature, what’s the musical fingerprint you leave in every tune?

I think I always look for an epic moment in the melodies. Telling something that makes you feel a special, magical moment with a chord, some notes that stay with you or, above all, I look for when the song ends, you want to listen to it again.

How much of your sound is influenced by where you live and the natural environment?

I live in Spain, a country where there are almost 300 sunny days a year, and where the music is very energetic but at the same time very heartfelt. I always seek with my music to convey sensations of jubilation, joy but with touches of nostalgia. I love making music in the key of D Major, I feel very comfortable in that key.

Do you have an audience in mind when making music, a club, a dance floor, a moment?

Not really… but I do plan to always make the public dance, wherever they are. It is true that every country where I play there are certain sounds that are liked more and others less… but my style is very recognizable and I try to transmit it and make people dance wherever I go.

What else have you got coming up?

Now after this release on 2DIY4, I have an EP on vinyl and digital by New Tab Music in April, in May another 4-track solo EP by Sum Over Histories and in June another release by Engrave LTD label collab with Th3 Oth3r and Colossio. After the summer I have a couple of big surprises.

Should djs and producers be socially and environmentally responsible? Use their platform to talk about those sorts of issues?

Of course! To a greater or lesser extent we are people with followers and if we can from our social networks show respect, be aware of the environment, take care and set a good example at least to the fans who follow us regarding nature, good habits and helping to people when they need it, that would be great. Lately campaigns have been made from many profiles of world top djs on instagram to help the most disadvantaged in the war in Ukraine, with the fatal earthquake in Syria and Turkey… all these types of actions make us better people. They make us aware.

“Whisper” is out now on 2DIY4
Grab it here