Mancini is a French dj/producer, who also co-runs the highly lauded minimal deep tech label hedZup Records.
We caught up with him recently to talk about his upcoming “Gemini” EP on the label, and what else he has coming up in 2022…

Hey Mancini, how are you, how was your 2021?

I’m fine and I’m in good health! It was another complicated year with ups and downs, but musically I’m quite proud of what I was able to release regularly during the year, between collaborations with other artists, original tracks and remixes.

Did you have a lovely xmas break? What did you do on NYE?

Yes it was great to spend time with family, that’s the most important thing… With the covid restrictions in France and the closed clubs, the NYE was special again this year. I spent it with close friends and we had all done a covid test before. It has become the new norm!

Tell us about your role co-managing hedZup – what’s the vibe?

I’m more in charge of the back-office part, and WLAD is more on the PR part, but the thing we always do in common is the A&R. All the releases of the label are the result of our common choices. It’s really a shared and complementary work, and that’s what makes the hedZup sound.

How do you know what works for the label and what doesn’t?

It’s very much by feel, there would be the easy solution of looking at what’s selling the most on Beatport but that’s really not what we’re interested in! We’re looking for a particular crush for the music and to enjoy playing it at gigs. Music always first!

Are you keen to develop artists and have them do LPs maybe, or is out just about 12″ dance floor heat?

For the moment, only WLAD the hedZup founder has released an LP on hedZup. We are more of a dance floor EP oriented label actually, but the future will maybe make the label evolve towards other things. The doors are open!

Do you proactively go and A&R new music or do you get sent enough demos to work from?

It’s more like we’re going to look for artists that have made an impression on us, even if there are sometimes good surprises on the demos we receive. It’s also part of the fun of digging up future artists for the label!

What inspired the upcoming Gemini EP? When and when did you write it? What was in your mind?

The inspiration comes naturally from my environment, my mood… It’s quite instinctive, and it’s done without realizing it. All the tracks were made in 2021, so that should sum up my year pretty well!

What gear do you use currently, does that matter to you?

It’s a mix of my analog machines and VST. In analog, I use the SH101 from Roland and the Minitaur from Moog for my basses, the ER1 from Korg for minimal sounds etc… For VST I love the Arturia Collection, it’s very complete and sounds very well. I like the mix of the analogue world and the vst’s in my tracks. I enjoy working like this on my productions.

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

After my Gemini EP, I’m releasing in vinyl on a fresh label called Kamarads Records, I must honour some remixes requests. I’m also working on a collab track with WLAD for his next LP, and always working on new tracks! Also developing the showcases for hedZup that we have for 2022.

What goals do you have for the year ahead? What would you like to achieve?

To develop international showcases, to travel more, and to take as much pleasure as ever in creating and playing music.


Pre-order Mancini’s EP “Gemini” feat. Casey Spillman Remix released on hedZup Records here