Ibiza born artist Manu Gonzalez and Bolivian DJ and Producer Morpei came together recently for an awesome new EP on Darius Syrossian’s Moxy Muzik, “Latin Connection” We spoke to them both recently to see how they came to work together, and what do they each bring to the studio that makes it work so well…

Hey guys, what’s good and bad in your world right now?

Manu – Everything is looking positive at the moment! Seems like the pandemic is going away and I’m back touring for the last 2 months! Happy Manu!

Morpei – Once we can get back to the dance floor everywhere… everything will be fine 🙂

How and when did you guys first meet?

Manu – Agustin ( Morpei ) booked me to play in Bolivia 3+ years ago, we haven’t met yet in person but we speak a lot over the phone! He really took care of me in his beautiful and unique country, Bolivia while he was in LA, since then we became super close.

Morpei – I haven’t met Manu in person yet but I booked him about 3 years ago for one of my Buriloop parties in Bolivia and we became good friends since then.

When and why did you decide to work together? How did it go at first?

Manu – Right after my first show in Bolivia and having shared music with him, since our sounds fit perfectly we decided to work, but it took time until we came up with something we both felt!

Morpei – We decided to work together from the first time that I booked him but we really decided to start working on music together during the pandemic.

What makes it work, why do you fit together so well in the studio?

Manu – We both have similar sounds and are very hard workers, we are pretty much online all day and we have a top communication, that is essential for me.

Morpei – I think it is because we both have different approaches that work on the dance floor. Once we combined both our musical minds, magic just happened!

What do you each bring to the studio – do you have similarly tastes or different tastes that mesh well together?

Manu – We like similar things, so we did change many times our ideas, but basically we have been bouncing the project in and out several times until we felt the project was done 🙂

Morpei – I think that even though we live very far from each other on this planet, we both have similar tastes and ideas. So everything worked out perfectly.

Who does what, do you each have certain roles, or do you both take care of everything equally?

Manu – We work equally, the good thing is that when one does something, normally the other one likes it, even if it took 3 years for us to put music together, this EP came up mega fresh for both of us, and rolled out super smoothly!

Morpei – We just started with one idea and bounced it back and forth thill we got what you hear in the EP.

What gear did you use hardware or software, does that matter?

Manu – Moog, TR8, 303 Roland, Logic.

Morpei – I’ve been away from the studio during the pandemic because I got stuck in Bolivia without being able to go back to my studio in Los Angeles, so I just used my headphones and ableton live.

What inspired the tunes on Moxy Muzik? What was in mind when writing them?

Manu – Darius and I go back a long way, I used to play for him in 2014 at Tribal Sessions in Sankeys Ibiza and around the world, so we are good friends. He inspired me to do something special for him, he is a big selector and producer, so we knew we had to do something very good for him. It took time but we did it and we are mega happy about it. Moxy is one of my fave record labels and Darius one of my fave artists so it’s a real pleasure he liked the tracks!! Thanks D for making it happen!

What happens if you disagree? How do you sort out any disputes?

Manu – No disputes at all, we both are very chilled despite we are both latinos ahhaha – for us the most important things in life are respect, and we have a lot of that, we just chat as friends and artists and talk constructive 🙂

Morpei – Luckily we flowed perfectly on this one! No disputes.

What’s next, have you got more stuff coming up that you have made together?

Manu – We are already working on new stuff yess :))

Morpei – We have a very special single that we haven’t signed yet. But I am sure it’s going to be a heater once its out!

Morpei & Manu Gonzalez EP “Latin Connection” incl. Darius Syrossian & Tommy Vercetti Remixes is out now on Moxy Muzik
Grab it here



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