Mirko Di Florio is an Italian DJ/Producer with a string of massive hits on the likes of Ultra, Emerald City Music, Relief, and Armada Subjekt, and comes on strong again with his recent release on Canadian label Griffintown “Listen To Techno”. We spoke to him recently to chat about how the recent release, and what makes his sound unique on the scene…

Hey Mirko, how are you, how’s summer?

All good here thanks! I’m splitting my summer between parties, beach, studio and gym

Are you back to playing parties, what is it like, what tunes have been big so far?

I’m keeping my techy vibe as ever diggin many stuff I did during quarantine like “Bla Bla Bla” my mew release “Listen to Techno” and a single that is coming on Repopulate Mars called “Right, Back Up”. I’m also in love with John Summit, Westend and Biscits new singles.

When did you start living in ibiza and did that change the sounds you were making with the different vibes of the island?

I used to live in ibiza in the summer from 2013 to 2018, and naturally It was a big inspiration for me and everyday I was finding new elements that made the artist I am now. I was very close to Jamie Jones sound and Paradise, and in fact I released on Emerald with a remix from Jamie himself. Also Darius Syrossian and Do Not Sleep crew which I was part of and gave me many influences.

What makes your music unique, what do you pride yourself on when producing?

Bass! I think the way I treat bass is very unique ahah.

You play piano – how important is that? How useful is it when laying down melodies?

It has been very important to create ideas, the knowledge of music theories makes you create or recreate something very quickly, anyway if you don’t learn about how to use a Daw, and get some producer skills you can’t get a point, that’s why I studied by myself to get new technical skills.

Why should people listen to techno as per the title of your new tune on Griffintown Records?

The tune has a good vibe and is a good mix between tech house and techno. You should listen to it if you want to get some good vibes to party.

And what inspired the ep overall? What was the aim with it?

Actually I was thinking about my crew in Milan that I was missing because of the quarantine, all the parties we did together and I was thinking all my friends still listen to techno.

What gear do you use to make your music and does that matter? Do you collect the tools of your trade?

Everybody could have his own set up, it won’t get a different If you are able to make a good track with a Juno or with Serum or if you are better to mix into KRK or in Adam…is a very personal thing.
Regarding me it depends, this time I did all in the box, using different plug ins from rob papin, waves, Fabfilter and some samples.

What’s next, what else are you working on right now?

I’ve already scheduled a single on Repopulate Mars in September called “Right Back Up” with Dennis Beutler and one on Ultra in October called “Dirty Dancing”. I’ll be back in the studio to make other new music in September.


Mirko Di Florio single “Listen To Techno” released on Griffintown Records is out now
Grab it here