Omary is a Moroccan DJ and Producer who lives off his passion for music. Inspired by African and Moroccan musical culture, he is always looking for rhythms based mainly on wind instruments to give life to his sounds combining electro and traditional music. A combination that ignites the tracks. We spoke to him recently and spoke about his journey into electronic music, and his recent single “Tumrt” on Elbaraka Family…

Hey Omary, how are you, how has your summer been so far?

Hello, I hope everyone is okay? on my side everything is fine! my summer is in the good way, touring in several cities and finalizing my future album.

How did you get into making electronic music, when and where and when?

I started my career in electronic music at a very young age, at the time I was still a student, It all started when I announced my desire to become a DJ in the summer of 2007 and I was approached to do the warm up of a great evening at the medical school of Casablanca which is my hometown. This evening opened the door for me to the realm of music. Being very young at the time it aroused a lot of interest in the public and in the professionals of the Casablanca nightlife world. This allowed me since then to start participating as much as DJ in several events of the city and to make a few residencies in different establishments of the city.

What inspired the latest tune of yours “Tumrt”?

As you know, during the pandemic we were forced to stay at home for a long time, with my mother at home, she practiced a lot of Yoga and meditation, being the same period when I was finalizing my album, and how I am very musically inspired by all that is spiritual. It came to me then the idea of using the Mantra songs that are used for yoga and meditation to produce this song.

What is your production process like? Where do you start on a tune?

For me the basis of a musical production is based and focused mainly on groove, and to achieve this I always start my structure by putting in place the key elements to have a good groove, Kick, Bass, Percussions, Shakers as soon as I put these elements in place, I start to install the melodic ideas that I have in mind according to the theme and artistic direction that I want to achieve in each production.

Do you play trumpet yourself or are they samples? Is formal training important when making dance music?

Normally the musical instrument I play is the Darbouka which is a percussion instrument and I also play percussion since a very young age. When it comes to a musical instrument to use in my productions like the trumpet, I always make sure to hire professionals and real musicians to play the instrument in question. Each instrument has a professional musician that masters it. Obviously, I have notions of music theory that I use to create my melodies and my musical productions. The use of sound libraries or making a call to a musician depends entirely on the musical project and the artistic direction envisaged.

What other gear do you use to make music?

To make music the most often used as equipment are synthesizers which of course differ from project to another, a midi keyboard which is connected to the plugins that I use. Microphone, Monitors, Headphones and for my interface I use Ableton Live connected to the Push.

What else have you got coming up?

I am currently working on several musical projects, remixes too, but the priority for now is the release of my album Soul Of Winds which is planned for this year with Elbaraka Family whom moreover I would like to thank enormously for the support granted, after several years of hard work. after the release of my album, at that time I will reveal the projects in parallel.

What was the last piece of music you heard that blew you away?

The last release that really caught my attention and blew me away is Mr. ID’s latest production in collaboration with Andile Mbili “Black Diamond” with Buddha Bar.
Musically, artistically, technically the bar is raised and the Moroccan flag with it.

Buy and stream Omary “Tumrt” released on Elbaraka Family here