Pontias is a French artist with a resounding reputation in the studio for outstanding melodic rhythms. We spoke to him recently to talk about his route into dance music, and his new “Outline” EP on Family Piknik…

Hey Pontias, how are you, what’s good and bad in your world right now?

Hey guys. Thanks for having me for this little tea time. Social life and cultural life is finally back, and this is pretty good !
About bad stuff, besides all the matters the world has experienced, bad things of my life are tiny details… 🙂

Tell us about your route into dance music and how you got to where you are?

I started music playing piano with classical, jazz, rock and indie when a I was a little boy. In 2000’s, being a little geek, technological evolution brought me slowly to electronic music. Quickly, some parties led me to dance music. Fun fact : I had a kind of revelation listening and seeing Booka Shade live around 2004-2005… I understood the infinite possibilities of electronic and dance music with their live, coming from acoustic side… That’s one of the influence who led me to my first project Jules & Moss, playing a kind of familiar live act.
Épilogue of the story, Booka Shade just made a huge remix for me ! 😊

Have you partied or DJed since lockdown ended? How was it?

Yes at family piknik festival and some parties playing back to back with my closest friends Albanø & Mood Gorning. Was a blast ! Meeting again with people, stage, other artists… So good to be back !

Do you want things to be in anyway different after the pandemic? Smaller parties, more local DJs, more egalitarian entry prices and DJ fees?

Not just about party or music scene, I just hope people will not forget about this period. Hoping it will help to think more wisely and act better dealing with all this social or environmental issues…
Kind of stuff I’m really involved through an enterprise I’ve created, working in data sciences and data visualization to help urban planning, energy transition and fighting climate change. (www.urbs.fr)

What inspired or influenced the new EP on family piknik?

Friendship !

How did you link with Several Definitions & Albanø? Why were they right? How did you work with them?

I met Several Definitions through my last aka Jules & Moss. We’ve kept in touch, sending stuff and finally he remixed me and I released some music on his new imprint ‘Récits de Mars’. Then, we felt having some collabs together could be a nice affair ! It’s the first one we release, but there is other ones in the pipeline…
How we did ? We’re sharing our common project step by step, sending alternately the track, working remotely. About Albanø, it’s a long long friendship… as I said, one of my closest friend from years.
Being neighbours, we used to share some studio time together !

What part did you take care of, is there one bit of production you pride yourself on most?

It really depends. I like to be in the whole process. From ideas, just jamming for fun, to the construction, till the end : sound design, final mix…
I don’t know if I’m especially proud of one, but what can I say is that it’s always a great feeling to find a nice balance producing a track with a good friend.

What hopes and goals do you have for the rest of the year now lockdown is over?

Having good times, enjoying life with friends, my girlfriend and family !
And enjoying every Thomas Pesquet’s pics from the ISS 🌍

What else you working on/looking forward to?

Really looking forward to releases of some lil’ weapons produced with closed friends I just mentioned (we could also add Essence time Of Time to them !)
One remix for Kolombo coming soon on Family Piknik
Cherry on the cake, I’m preparing an album for Family Piknik Music … 🙃


Pontias EP “Outline” with Several Definitions & Albanø (incl. BOOKA SHADE, KIKO Remixes) is out now
grab it here