Richard Dorfmeister (Kruder & Dorfmeister) and Sunshine Recordings label man Heinz Tronigger with multi-instrumentalist Pogo has in recent years paired up to form a cracking production team.

The much acclaimed “Grand Slam“ album was providing remixes and own productions, tightly programmed jams that lifted up countless dancefloors all around the world.

Stefan Obermaier has been continuously working with Richard Dorfmeister in recent years (their “The Exchange“ album has become already a cult underground dance album) – so it was a logical progression to step into the existing team.

The result is “Canita Brava“ featuring four tracks bringing out the party sensibilities they all love.

We caught up with Richard Dorfmeister and Stefan Obermaier to talk about musical influences, the experience of working together, their favorite track from the EP, and more.

Hello gentleman, it’s a pleasure to have you join us here today. What’s on your mind these days? 

Stefan Obermaier: Thanks very much, the pleasure is all ours. We are excited that Canita Brava is out there for people to enjoy and that we have received so much positive feedback already.

Richard Dorfmeister: Yes finally the tracks are released- it took us a while to set the project up but now it`s ready to rock.

Congratulations on the release of your latest EP «Canita Brava». What was the inspiration behind this record? 

Stefan Obermaier: Given what we have all been through in the last years, I think one goal was to create some feel-good vibes.

Richard Dorfmeister: The ”Grand Slam” album I did with the Madrid de los Austrias crew has been a dancefloor rocker all over the place and once we got Stefan Obermaier on board it was time to come out with some new material.

Can you name some musical influences that you believe have informed the sonic palette of this EP? 

Stefan Obermaier: When I first received the recordings I immediately tried to bring them in a certain direction and fulfill the sonic picture I had in mind. I believe that worked out quite fluently in all four tracks.

Richard Dorfmeister: The influences are definitely soul, rhythm&blues combined with our love for disco and late-night dancing- I think the combination of these 3 production units is a winner.

How did you first come to work together? 

Stefan Obermaier: I did a couple of remixes for Richard’s “Tosca” project and since then we have continued to do remixes for other artists together, culminating in a whole collaboration with “The Exchange” album.

Richard Dorfmeister: “The Exchange” album was a very strong collaboration and marked the way for this project.

What were your first studio sessions like? Was it an instant success? 

Stefan Obermaier: As we mainly live in different cities our workflow was conducted in our own separate studios. That worked out very well.

Richard Dorfmeister: We managed to set up a very effective workflow by sending data back&forth – so everybody can come up with results much quicker.

What did your studio setup look like while working on this project? 

Stefan Obermaier: I’m mixing and summing all in the box, sound-wise it’s a combination of digital and analog gear, it always depends on the track and mood.

Richard Dorfmeister: Yeah it`s again more about the mood of the track!

How could you describe this EP in your own words? 

Richard Dorfmeister: A soulful combination of disco and modern uptempo beats

Stefan Obermaier: Exactly.

Do you have a favorite track on this EP? Which is it and why? 

Stefan Obermaier: Hard to pick a fav for me, they’re all quite different, but I’ll probably play ‚Woman‘ the most.

Richard Dorfmeister: “Woman” is definitely a burner – but all tracks seem to work out very well on the floor.

Now that «Canita Brava» is out for the world to hear, what else have you got coming next? 

Richard Dorfmeister:  The idea is to release an album as soon as we have enough good material together!

Stefan Obermaier: Definitely, we’ll just keep going with our flow, stay tuned.

Thank you for joining us today, is there anything you would like to mention before we go?

Stefan Obermaier: Looking forward to what 2023 has to bring, and we will continue to bring good vibes to you.

Richard Dorfmeister: Hope we can present the project next year in some clubs and keep the positive “Canita Brava” vibes all through the new 2023.

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