To mark the return of Summer Love Festival, Saytek is releasing a vital new EP featuring four tunes he recorded live at last year’s inaugural event.

Over the past few years, UK artist, Saytek (aka Joseph Keevill) has carved himself a reputation as one of the electronic music scene’s most innovative live acts thanks to his impressive improvised shows. Described by Carl Cox as “Absolute Genius when it comes to live” a sentiment echoed by his fans and many across the industry due to his mastery of machines.

We caught up with Saytek  ahead of his new release ‘At Summer Love Festival which is out now on Superfreq Records.

1) Hi Saytek, first of all how are you today?

I am very well thanks just got back from an amazing tour of India and reflecting on what an amazing Spring/Summer it has been for live shows and my agents are working on Autumn/Winter shows at the moment!

2) All of the tracks on this EP are live jams from Summer Love Festival. Was it a fun gig?
Yeah it was a really great festival with an amazing crowd! It was a special time and the first festival I had played since the Covid lockdowns. The people there were really up for it and showed me a lot of love!

3) What is your inspiration behind releasing live jams?
For me it’s been my focus for a long time making music for the live show and then literally chopping sections out for release for DJs to play in their sets. I am primarily a music lover and have loved electronic music for many years and having that connection between me and the crowd whilst sharing my ideas is magical for me!

4)When performing, what is your favourite bit of gear?
Its impossible to name one bit it all works together as one instrument everything holds its special place. Even the Kaoss pad for example which is used for swooshes and FX I would feel lost without!

5) What is your favourite track out of the four?
That’s another tough question they have all been getting a great response from people but I think “Work It Out” (live) just about pips it!

6) You have released on some of the most iconic labels in dance music and you just announced that you will be signing a track to R&S records. Could you tell us a little bit more about this?
Yeah I feel very honoured to be releasing on the labels I am! R&S has always been my favourite label and put out some music that truly changed my life! So I was both shocked and very excited when Renaat from R&S messaged me asking if one of the tracks from my live stream for LNADJ was available for release. I quickly edited out of the live set and sent it to him! He really liked it and hopefully I will release more stuff with them in the future!

7) What is the best club that you have ever played at?
Wow I have played so many clubs and festivals it would be impossible to pick a fave. Crowds vary a little bit all over the world. Some places go off more and others are a little more understated. But one thing is for sure, get a great sound system and a bunch of people that really get underground music and I am in my element!

8) What club would you love to play at?
I just want to keep doing what I am doing playing all over the world to amazing party people who dance and vibe to my music!

9) Growing up, who were your biggest influences?
When I was younger I loved Prince and I also went through a brief metal phase. But as soon as I started hitting adolescents there was this amazing electronic music scene growing around me it totally blew me away and I fell in love! So much innovation was happening new genres where being invented the rules of music changing for ever! I was very lucky to be growing up around that time!

10) Name 5 artists to look out for this year
Dharma– I heard his tune also coming out on R&S and absolutely loved it! Has a feeling from the best 90’s melancholy electronica beautiful melodies and great vocal sample that is filtered in towards the end of the track.
Jake Beautyman– another Superfreq artist who is killing it on the underground house scene. His Slime Time track is a wicked slinky number!
Ben Gomori–  Not a new name but someone who I worked with a long time ago and met up with at a recent gig! He is really innovative with the promotions he is doing and also making great music and DJing all over!
Jess Kidd– I played at London gig with her a while back and her set was really good a really interesting mix of music from across quite a few genres!
Lawrencerandom – I don’t know much about his career in music but I follow him on instagram and he always makes great music with hardware often find myself commenting and really enjoying what he does!


Saytek – At Summer Love Festival is out now on Superfreq Records

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