Sea You “Beach Republic” is sold as “a fantasy of happiness” and it’s not an unfair claim.

This year the German festival runs for three days from Friday 15th July to Sunday 17th July.

It all goes down amongst scenery of the beautiful Tunisee in Freiburg with world class headliners such as Agents of Time, Paul Klabrenner, Matador, Fisher, Animal Trainer, Amelie Lens, Bart Skills Live, Claptone and tens more.

There are also a ton of extras to explore from water sports to swimming in the cool waters.

Ahead of the main event we speak to the people behind it.

How are you, what’s good?

I am fine, thanks. It is good that after these last two years pandemic that festivals are back and that we finally can work again!

How did the pandemic affect you and what did you learn about yourself?

My main job is and was organizer of a big electronic music festival, I am mainly responsible for booking, pr, ticketing, promotion. It was hard to stop my daily work and also not to know when we will be allowed to take place again.

Mentally, it was very hard during the pandemic. Festivals, events, clubs have been the first ones which have been forbidden and have been the last ones which went out of it. I had to struggle if and when we could take place again. I had to take care of these bureaucratic “helps” which sometimes do not help, just pretend to be a help and so on. But I learnt to believe in my dreams, in my knowledge and that things will become better. And, after 2 exhausting years, we are here again. Happy, but also a bit exhausted from this ride. I had to take care of ticket swaps, help, change the line-up and so on.

What impact has it had on Sea You Beach Republic?

The Sea You festival was and is – at the moment – our only job and where we earn all our money for our life and the ones of our employees. We had NO income for over 2 years now. There has been financial help from the government, which helped, but nevertheless it covered around 80-90% only of the costs, which means you have to bring 10-20% with NO income. Also, for the shareholders and owners of the festival, we spent private money and lived from private reserves (which should be our backup when we are old or in pension). Beside the financial and mental side, it was also challenging from part of communication: no one knew when and under which specifications we can take place again, also you have no new materials such as new videos, pictures, you could work with in the pandemic. But at the end we made it , we went through also with the help of our team! And we are more than happy for it to take place again! We also used the time of the pandemic to create new projects and events which shall start to take place from summer 2023 onwards, so at least we used the time.

Ah, one important thing: before the pandemic the festival took place 2 days (sat + sun); the pandemic “helped” us to get an authorization for the new third day (3 days = fri + sat + sun). This would have not been possible without the pandemic!

What is the vibe of the festival and how has it evolved over the years?

Set by a lakeside in southwest Germany, Sea You combines high-quality electronic music (techno, techhouse, house, electro, progy) with a beautiful location and plenty of activities for sporty types.

Sea You attracts crowds each year with its summer beach holiday vibes. Where else can you arrive on the dancefloor by floating in a big pink flamingo, dance to the world’s best DJs with your feet submerged in water or try out water skis while powerful beats are pounding from every stage around? Set upon the banks of the serene Tunisee Lake near Freiberg offers a paradise for fans from 40+ countries who like to combine their passion for electronic music with the relaxation of a beach vacation.

Despite its debut only taking place in 2014, Sea You has rapidly built an extensive fanbase and glowing reputation. Starting out the first year with 15,000 festival visitors and 40 acts spread over five stages, the festival has expanded in a short span of time to nearly 40,000 visitors in 2019 with 100 high-quality acts laid out beautifully across seven impressive stages.

With the truly stunning Black Forest – just an hour’s drive away – further tempting visitors to the region, it is no wonder that Sea You kept on growing in popularity, particularly with visitors from over the borders in nearby France and Switzerland.

Spread over a whopping seven stages and featuring over 100 artists, Sea You Festival will also feature a chillout area, numerous water activities on the lake (incl. free water-skiing and wake-boarding options) as well as a fashion & beauty lounge. What’s more, the beautiful Lake Tunisee (with Germany’s famous Black Forrest in the background) is sure to prove a perfect accompaniment to the top class sounds on offer.

Guests are encouraged to forget about their everyday worries and embark on a magical journey; to dance, laugh and cool down alongside thousands of other like-minded music lovers.

What is new for this year at the festival?

We have 7 stages and more then 140 artists on 3 days. The third day (Friday) is new, before the pandemic we used to host only 2 days (sat + sun), now 3 days (! We also will offer a whopping 10,000 square meters of additional new and previously unused festival space! Since we are working with the same number of visitors as in 2019, this means for you in plain language: More room, new ways and new impressions! For example, we are also relocating the Raumklang Stage / Stage 4 to the new area (= better distribution of guests), new additional toilet facilities and new additional bar areas will be created.

Beside this, our stage 2 is becoming a total new style and upgrade. In general, we also use the next higher Soundsystem which will result in better sound quality on the main stages!

We also have a completely new, independent bus route at the Sea You Festival 2022. This route is reserved exclusively for the Sea You bus shuttles and is completely disconnected from the rest of the traffic.

With the help of the new, free route, we thus guarantee a much faster and smoother arrival & departure for all festival guests.

The buses will depart from Freiburg main station to the festival grounds and to campsites A, B and C, and of course back again.

What are you most proud of over the years?

That I never gave up believing in my determination and that I always worked hard to achieve my goals while being honest and fair. If you want something, you have to work hard, to believe in it and to take the steps, even if it might be slow, to continue good work will result in a good destination (which in our case is the Sea You Festival).

Tell us about the location and what makes it special?

Spread over a whopping seven stages and featuring over 140 artists, Sea You Festival will feature a chillout area, numerous water activities on the lake (incl. free water-skiing and wake-boarding options) as well as a fashion & beauty lounge. What’s more, the beautiful Lake Tunisee (with Germany’s famous Black Forrest in the background) is sure to prove a perfect accompaniment to the top class sounds on offer. You also have a view to the famous blackforest. Beside that, we have massive programmation with: Paul Kalkbrenner, Fisher, Boris Brejcha, Amelie Lens, Stephan Bodzin, Claptone, Reinier Zonneveld, Maceo Plex, Purple Disco Machine, Neelix, Kobosil, Giorgia Angiuli, Worakls², Pan-Pot, Alle Farben, Monika Kruse, Enrico Sanguliano, and many, many others on 7 Stages

You have lots of different stages, do they all have their own look and feel?

Let’s introduce short: yes, they all have an own look and different vibe.

Stage 1 is an big opera tent more tech house (with acts such as Alle Farben, Purple Disco Machine, AKA AKA, Moonbootica) and so on.

Stage 2 has a completely new look in 2022, like a huuuuge Igloo! It will be the TECHNO mainstage with Amelie Lens, Kobosil, Pan-Pot, Reinier Zonneveld, Klaudia Gawlas and more
Stage 3 is our “eagle stage” which makes you fly with artists such as Paul Kalkbrenner, Fisher, Stephan Bodzin, Boris Brejcha, Claptone, Monika Kruse, Enrico Sangiuliano and so on.

Stage 4 is situated on a new place and has a new look and feel and will host Psytrance, Goa, Progressive with Neelix, Ace Ventura, Liquid Soul, Bliss, Fabio Fusco, Ranji and so on

Stage 5 is a smaller, but very unique stage where people can dance on a Ponton ON the lake / on the water! We have acts such as Alex Kennon, Citizen Kain, Joachim Pastor, Pappenheimer, Marika Rossa and others

Stage 6 is the “Teledisco” from Berlin – the smallest Disco in the world which is included in the price here at us

Stage 7 is hosting Chillout , House, Ambient with live instruments and live players such as violin, cello, saxophone and so on and will be in an relaxed area, more background sounds to hang out, talk, enjoy the view on the lake and so on.