We sit down with Colombian groove master Sebastian Ledher to discuss the scene in Colombia, his Playgroove label and how his 2023 is shaping up…

How has 2023 been for you so far?

Incredible, I was playing in one of the best clubs in the world in lost beach my tour was great, now I release my EP “la conect” on Lost Beach Records. Then I went to too long in Milan where I was playing B2B with Shaf Huse and it was truly epic. I am very happy to show everything I have prepared for this 2023.

I have an EP by Good taste with a video clip and vocals by Shyam P Take Control, a Vinyl on my Play Groove label including a remix of the legend Io Mulen and Hector Couto on Collab with Carlos Sanchez and Reelow to close this great release there is also a new EP on Bamboleo and many other surprises like the fact that I will release on Nozzo Records with my brothers Tomy And Kesh. Also, a super collab with my brother Alessio Bianchi. Stay Tuned.

How is the scene in Colombia?

it’s in good condition! We are going through a great moment. We have great clubs, festivals and everyone likes to dance. People in Colombia are too fun.

Does it influence you? Does Colombia have its own unique take on house and techno?

Colombian culture is gigantic, we have more than 1,500 rhythms, so that makes the scene more striking since there is a fusion of gigantic styles and we have also had a very solid techno scene for many years.

You have published on several different labels, do you adapt each of them to each label?

Totally, the truth is that one works thinking about the sound of the label when we make the proposal.

What inspired your new EP ‘THRE3’ in collaboration with Neverdogs?

A fusion of minimal acid with a Latin vocal touch that makes the track create an urban atmosphere.

How and why did you get involved with them?

After a tour with my label play groove Colombia.

We were touring for 20 days in which we truly became friends and at that moment our great relationship began.

Who did what? Did they each have certain roles?

We always work as a team, whether in person or by zoom, we all contribute ideas and our grain of sand to all the projects we do. I think that the organisation of the team we all know what we are good at and perhaps what I am more good at is the other person no and vice versa so we have been a very good team whenever we work together.

Tell us about your label: what is the sound, what do you represent?

Minimal deep-tech and house, I actually care about warm up music as well as main stream music so we have a very full sound that makes the musical curve in our showcases very complete.

How do you judge success? Do you care about sales or just music?

I really understand both parts well, art today is very divided, there are geniuses who earn little, but it also seems important to me that if you do something, everyone likes it.

I think that in the end we want people to have fun, have a good time and consume a quality producer but deep down I enjoy it and I love music so success is already being able to do what I like and am passionate about but I think that everything is a complement and really important.

What’s next for you?

Now I want to release all the new music I have and keep working hard next will be Play Groove Showcase that part we are looking forward to living great moments.

Sebastian Ledher & Neverdogs EP “THRE3” is out now on Play Groove Recordings
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