Sifa is a Belgian artist now based in Paris who has a real uniqueness to all the productions he puts out. Now with a new remix of Yabhodla Ingonyama on MoBlack Records, we caught up with him to delve a little deeper…

Hey Sifa, great to chat with you! Now you look back, how was 2021 for you?

Hey guys! The pleasure is mine. 2021 was for me very similar to 2020. I was lucky to be able to play a few gigs between August and December. Now we are mostly back on patiently waiting…

How much has the last year affected the music you have made, the style and sound of it?

Last year has made me realize that in the end just do as you please. Let yourself go and see what comes out of it, no matter the genre.

Tell us about growing up and getting into dance music – why did you love it?

My previous house dance teacher introduced me to house that’s how I really got into dance music. Before that I used to listen to it but only a few songs I liked on the radio. Probably that I’ve heard many many songs before but I wasn’t really paying attention to it. Until I probably was 15-16 years old.

What styles did you love at first, why did you want to dj and produce?

There isn’t a style that I like more than the other. As long as the song speaks to me I’ll be into it. Can be soulful house, techno or anything in between.

What are the worst bits about life in music, as a dj, producer, label boss? Earning money? Social media? Staying in the headlines?

As every job it comes with some less fun moments. But in the end we “all” somehow know what we are getting into when we start this journey.
Obviously social media, staying in headlines are time and energy consuming but in the end it’s part of the game now…

How did you approach the remix of Yabhodla Ingonyama?

Mimmo from MoBlack Records previously asked me to remix a track but I couldn’t find the proper idea/direction for it. A few months later he came back with Yabhodla Ingonyama and the remix process went just naturally. The vocal is basically doing all the work, all I added was more depth to it.

Are there rules about how much you must or must not do to a remix?

I don’t think there should be rules in anything artistic, otherwise it would be boring. The only rule I have (for myself) is that if I can’t bring something extra to the original song, it doesn’t make sense for me to start a remix.

What gear do you use to produce and does that matter to you?

I’ve mostly used the Juno 106, JP 8080, Korg MoniPoly, for drums and percussion it’s mostly coming from samples. I don’t thank that what you use matters, as long as it does the job for you.

What’s next, what else you working on?

Up next is the single Fading To Silence with Boddhi Satva and LOV, a remix for Pier Bucci on State of Flow, a remix for Keene’s Cacao Records and last but not least a new remix for Mr ID.

What hopes and dreams do you have for 2022?

As usual less negativity and peacefulness for everyone on earth. But that’s another story…. Thanks for the invite and hope you all enjoy my remix of Yabhodla Ingonyama..


Curio Tones feat. Nomvula SA “Yabhodla Ingonyama (Sifa Remix)” is out now on MoBlack Records
Grab it here