Tom Zeta is one of the most exciting new live acts emerging from the Dutch scene. The DIYnamic and Einmusika releasing talent started his career as a drummer and incorporates live drums into his performance of highly danceable and rhythmic melodic techno. We caught up with him recently to talk about his recent release “Personal Space” on Canadian label You Plus One…

Hey Tom, how has 2022 started for you?

It started with a bang, dancing and playing in a secret villa party in Ibiza. Always a nice moment when a new year starts with new opportunities ahead.

How was the pandemic for you and what affect did it have on your music taste and style?

It was a bit of a rollercoaster the last two years, but I tried to keep focussing on the positive. Not always easy but musically I still felt moving forward. It also helped a lot that I moved to Ibiza last summer. So living on a island full of nature, nice weather and great people affected my music in a positive way.

Tell us about your “Personal Space” EP on You Plus One – what is personal space to you, why do you need it?

In a world where everything is going so fast, I think it’s good to sometimes take a step back and take care of yourself. See how you feel and be okay with it.

What inspired the ep or influenced it, where and when and who was it written for?

Before the text for this track was written, Berenice and me were talking about the subject of following your dreams, take your time for it and do this at your own pace. This is all put into the text. A big piece of the track was already produced, so after our talk we started jamming and writing the text trying out and see what resonated with us.

How did you hook up with the label as this is your first with them right?

I came in contact with Siavash because he was very enthusiastic about one of my releases. Can’t remember which one but we chatted and there was a click, so after sending him some demo’s we started our collaboration. He calls me “my best friend I never met”, haha!!

And when did you start making it, what sounds and DJs and labels and parties inspired you?

For sure I get inspired by all kind of parties I visit or when I listen to other music genres, especially from live music.
But a great inspiration are all the sounds around me. Most of the time I have a field recorder with me to record all kind of sounds; sounds of animals, nature, machines, the wrinkling of your spoon when you stir in your coffee cup….etc.

And what is your own sound, what makes your music unique?

I think my background in drums has a big influence on my sound. But I think everybody who makes music and is not trying to copy someone else is making unique music. Make what you think is best and stay true to yourself.

Do you jam live to see what comes out or do you construct your songs with a brief and an aim?

For me jamming around works best. At the beginning of a project I try to get in as much as possible. Working on a loop and adding layers of percussion & synths until my inspiration runs out, or I have enough to start on the arrangement of the track. A lot of layers end up in the bin with this process. That’s one of the difficult things I had to learn: deleting stuff you made.

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

I just had my first big gig this year in Brussels on Thé Dansant 27 of February . I got to try out all of my new music I made last year. Always a special moment to hear your music on a big sound system. Also a new release on Mobilee so was an exciting weekend!

Tom Zeta “Personal Space” feat. Berenice Van Leer incl. Kellerkind Remix is out now on You Plus One
Grab it here