Formed in 2007 by Jakob Seidensticker, Florian Schirmacher and Henrik Raabe, Wareika were accidentally gathered on stage for the first time at Hamburg’s mythical Mojo Club. Since then, the german trio has built a very singular sound signature after a decade of playing together. With past releases on the likes of mezin, Visionquest and Sleep Is Commercial, they now kick off this exciting new label, Tanny Records, with one of their famous individual new EPs “Grapefruit All Over Me”. We spoke to them recently to find out more…

Hey guys! How are you doing? How has life been treating you in the past year?

Henrik : Of course it was a very exceptionally tough year for everyone on this planet. I personally had many very dark moments. But there were also some extraordinary lucky and happy moments, when things suddenly worked fine, went good or especially when having beautiful encounters with beloved fellows.

Jakob: I don’t even wanna talk about it anymore. It was, it is extreme, an extreme situation for the whole world. But it has good aspects for my personal situation, I talked even more to friends, did nice music and had to ask myself what I want from life. I still can say, I want to produce music and play it out loud in the whole entire world.

Florian: Hi Deep House. thank you for having us here. We´re excited, not only about the interview and your questions. Also about our current situation and that clubs are open again…hopefully longer now.

Have you had any difficulties in terms of music production? How did you manage to find your inspiration?

Henrik: Honestly, I had one of the most creative years in my life. I felt that I would either go completely crazy, or dive deep into the music like never before to save myself, my family and everyone around me. I did that, and it was – amazing !

Jakob: We shared a lot of ideas via mail and we worked on them “together” and I felt it a little bit like the first weeks of the pandemic I was a bit in shock mode but then I had an intense creative output, I started lots of new tracks and productions for Wareika, myself, other projects..

Who would you say have been your biggest influences in terms of music?

Henrik: For me it was the Tunisian Oud player Anouar Brahem. I heard his song “The Lover of Beirut” almost every day before sleep. It really carried me through the last year !

Jakob: I can’t even say, there are just so many influences..from McCoy Tyner, to Gustav Mahler, from Matthew Herbert to Derrick May, from Jimi Hendrix to John Barry, from Robert Wyatt to the Beatles.

Florian: I still keep a wide space of light and sound empty for the piano works of Skrjabin, which might evolve with me. I started following musicians from my record collection and realized how much we do have in common currently. How deeply we are synchronized with our ambitions. Mathew Herbert e.g. who also contributed to a master theses of Manuela Knobel about Nature and electronic music. (*Pilotstudie zur Naturentfremdung elektronischer Musik” Ma Nr. 16210536) Also Musicians like Adrian Niculae, Cesar Merveille, Dunkle Dummies, Zip and Seth Troxler have been pushing buttons on me. Thank you for that. I discovered Coil. Swans. Pink Floyd. Cabaret Voltaire. I listened carefully to Dj Sets and danced with them e.g. from Djunkie Inue, Putschko and Kendra- thank you for your love!

With the world being open, do you have any gigs you’re looking forward to in the post-pandemic life?

Jakob: We will have some gigs here and there in the near future. We’re going to celebrate christmas with our friends in Zurich at a new club called Variété and we will go on a Colombia, Mexico, in Jan/Feb 2022 followed by a USA tour.. we hope things will be more easier next year when more people have had their vaccination.

Florian: Huge Institutions, like Fabric, where we played fiering concerts, are questioned. Festivals, like Mutek, or Sonar are “on hold” or “online” – We presented a computer program to the world, which allows you to play live together only through internet connection. It was a tremendous effort to all engineers – and then it worked flawlessly- in Sync! – This kind of happiness can be transported- wherever and however! Give us an audience- we play!

Is there any place in which you played that will stay forever in your heart? If yes, why is it so?

Henrik: Of course so many many beautiful places, it is unfair to name some and others not. But you want us to name a few… so especially at home I always felt at every Get Perlonized Party, in the CDV and Hoppetosse, on Katers Heinz Floor, in Züris Zukunft, in this very tiny Club in Istanbul where we played live for six hours in front of 56 people. Also in Beirut of course, everywhere in Colombia and in Russia…. maybe it is all the places where the love for music and the mutual respect between musicians, guests, bartenders, sound engineers and everyone involved is just sooooooo big that you forget you are on stage.

Florian: Yes, why is it so? – Because we see lots of people where we play as friends and as partners- with all our difficulties- we share something pure. Too bad, we don`t do this every day.

Jakob: The whole Australia Tour last year with e.g. Festival 23, Breakfast Club, Killing Time and S.A.S.H. where we met the Tanny Crew around Lucca Tan was something special as well and lead to this nice release now. We also had some unforgettable moments at concerts in Ukraine, China and Japan.. generally spoken, everywhere in this world are people that want the same, dancing to good music, being a nice host, share beautiful moments, life in peace.

You guys have a new upcoming EP, Grapefruit All Over Me, coming out on Tanny Records what can you tell us about it?

Jakob: The first steps on “Grapefruit All Over Me” and maybe almost 90% of the track were created on my laptop when I drove with the fast train from Hamburg to Henrik near Frankfurt. Doing music on a train while the landscape is flying past you is just inspiring and reflects the track. It’s fast, has lots of different colours and moods… The other track called “The Jaguar” was born in Henriks studio in Bingen and sent to Florian and myself to continue, Archie Hamilton gave his completely own and uplifting style in his remix of the track.

Are you working on anything exciting next? Can you give us some details?

Jakob: Yes sure…there will be lots of nice 12″ and remixes coming up on several labels. We are doing some tracks on different labels together with our buddy Ada Kaleh. The main project for 2022 will be a cooperation album that we did in exchange with many artists like Ryan Crosson, Seth Troxler, Sonja Moonear, Snad, Hear, Vlad Caia, Ada Kaleh, Shonky and many others… stay tuned.

Lastly, is there anything else you would like to share with us?

Life is too short to hang one’s head. Create something, visit a friend or call your grandmother today and stay healthy.

Wareika EP “Grapefruit All Over Me” feat. Remixes from Archie Hamilton, Lucca Tan, and Charles Eddy is out now on Tanny Records

Grab it here