Hey Cem, how are you, how has the last year been for you?

Hello, all is good thanks for asking and having us. Last year has been more productive. We also took the time to reflect back on ourselves and our projects. Can’t complain at the moment. Getting use to the new standards.

Your label Unreleased Ltd. is very highly thought of on the scene – can you remember why you started it, and how hard it was to get it off the ground?

Well its a delicate project, the record industry is a hard business to survive in. It thrives on passion, not on financials. We started it to represent and support the art of vinyl and the underground music scene.

Can you remember the first release you put out, how it went, what the process was like?

The first release was with Little Hado, he is still one of our favorite artists. We were just super happy to start with an artist not so known to many and show the world a new and advancing sound.

What is the ethos of the label, what music do you look to release?

We wanted to release music we love with the artists we admire. Over the years our sound became more broad, anything that makes your emotions and body move was interesting to us.

How do you judge success, what makes you content with every release – feedback, big dj support, sales?

All of them really, it’s just an overall feeling of gratitude, to be able to share. We wait and sit on our releases longer than we should which makes it more special for us. Every release is a memory of the past and part of our current lives.

What have been the highlights since you started the label? Any particular moments that really stand out for you?

İt was amazing to build a group of artists for releases. Remixes as G-man and Cabanne a while back was exciting. Getting our VA together with close producer friends was super fun. And of course having İon on the label as our last release was just the best for us.

Which releases are you most proud of? Any that really stand out?

I would say our last UNRL006 Foundation as it represents a great idea behind it. It’s about elevating your surroundings. The cover is also a place where we throw parties so it talks about a certain point in the people that attended or heard about those parties.

How has the sound of the label changed from the start do you think? And what affected that if it has?

Great question. When we started the sound shaped itself. Our records were played more for larger dancefloors, big room music. But now I feel it became a bit more of a minimal sound as our surroundings represent more underground sounds, not so much mainstream. But like I said before, what ever moves us.

What have you got coming up/what are you working on?

We are working on a Volkan Akin EP, and working on some collaborations with other labels and artists. We might start having more EP’s as we want to share as much as possible, giving the times at hand. Much appreciated.


Ion Ludwig EP “Foundation” released on Unreleased Ltd. available to buy vinyl only
Grab it here