Blind Vision is a London based label ran by Peruvian born artist Alejo Galvez. Its minimal tech offerings have been a huge part of the scene as they now approach their 5th anniversary – celebrating it with a 3 part V/A compilation. We spoke to Alejo recently to talk about his memories over the last 5 years, and where he wants to take the label in the future…

Hey Alejo, how are you, what’s good and bad right now?

First of all thank you for this interview!

What’s good? That it’s super sunny right now in london and the restrictions are kind of finishing. What’s bad? I got pinged by the NHS app.

Congratulations on the upcoming 5 year anniversary of your label Blind Vision Records! Why start the label – what was the initial idea, the motivation?

It’s been a rollercoaster as I run the label on my own, so I look after all the aspects myself which sometimes is challenging but also at the same time quite rewarding. I decided to create the label as I had a few friends that were doing super cool music at that time and they were struggling to get their music out there to the world. I wanted to create a platform for unheard artists where they could release their music on digital or vinyl. I used to run a small label back in 2007 called Union Recordings (focusing more in the chicago jacking house) so I kind of new the basis on how to start a label. Nowadays a lot of people come and ask me for tips on how to start the label and little tricks which I’m always happy to share, music it has always been about sharing!

What is the sound of the label, what’s the vibe you are looking to push with releases?

I don’t like to put a tag on the style as House music is so diverse and I love loads of different styles of music which is reflected on my 3 labels, but for Blind Vision Dubs I always try to go for a much more deep & dubby with more spacey sounds, and with the digital releases I try to go more into the deep tech sounds. With Blind Vision Records Vinyl it’s a mixture of the 2 previous but with a focus much more for the dancefloor, music packed with grooves & good vibes.

What are the best memories you have of running the label over the last five years?

I have many but some of them are: meeting new people (Artists) and creating new friendships though music. The first time we got to #1 on all charts on with R.A.P, an Argentinian duo nobody knew at that time and we sold out I think in 1 week. Or when we did our 10th release on vinyl and again I think we sold out in 3 days. The release was by Julenn who also became a really good friend of mine since then and the record got played by many of the big heads in the game

And what have been the hardest moments?

Finding the time to actually listen to demos (I also have an 18month old baby) and it takes most of my time. Although now we both listen to the tracks and if she dances it’s always a good sign – she likes the funky baselines!

What release or releases are you most proud of and why?

That would be abit unfair to say as I believe 110% in everything I release, but the first track of Josh Baker we released back in 2017 Spoken Paris or Ray Mono first digital ep back in 2017, or Toman ep back in 2018 & a VA I did with only producers from my home country Peru which received loads of attention from many big djs but also helped unify the scene back home, I was super proud of that.

How has it been in the last year – what have the challlenges been?

I had a great year in terms of releases and planning, the pandemic affected in many different ways to many people, to me it made me more creative. I created a line of clothing for Blind Vision Dubs and also meant I could spend more time listening to demos and planning future releases. It was crazy I was getting 15 to 20 emails with demos each day.

How did you decide what tracks to use for these upcoming compilations? What were the criteria?

I wanted to recap the whole journey I had with the labels, Blind Vision Records on vinyl and Blind Vision Dubs, so I made 3 compilations, 10 tracks each of them. 1st one is more Deep tech, minimal influences, 2nd is more focused on the Deeper sounds and the 3rd one is more tracks for the dance floors and stronger grooves.

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

I’m working right now on the 5 years vinyl release which will probably come out next year. The motivation for this one is a bit different….. I digged hard on my influences, the sound that shaped me on what I like and influenced me on creating the label. I have now, the san francisco deep house of the 2000’s and the beginning of the tech house era in the uk …. So if you know what I’m talking about you can imagine what kind of guys I’m talking about. I can’t say names yet BUT I’ll bring back a sound that has been forgotten but still sounds so current and fresh- I’m so excited about this one!

Besides that we got releases between the 3 labels from: Rupert Ellis, Olly Vanc, Miguel Seabra, Felipe Bravo, Areon, Toolbox, Konov, Frink, Sound Process , Sascha Sonido and a few more.

Do you accept demos, should people send them in? Any advice on that front?

Everything we are signing now is for 2022 as this year is already closed for all the labels but I’m always up for checking new music and discovering new artists. Advice? Please listen to the music we release before sending your demos, there is nothing more annoying when people send you something that from the first kick you know is not for you! Take your time and check the vibe.


Blind Vision’s V.A. – Five Years Compilation Part.1 is out now
Grab it here